Three Tips To Becoming A Costume Designer – Resa McConaghy

Resa McConaghy costume design

Righto! Here we have a fabulous post from one Resa McConaghy. This gladiator of a costume designer has contributed her thoughts on how to make it in t’ biz! Have a gander over on the Barnes Film Festival blog, eh? She also has a passion for graffiti (or artistic vandalism, depending which way you look at it) and making awesome gowns. You can check out her two blogs at Graffiti Lux and Murals and Art Gowns. Yes!

Barnes Film Festival Blog

About Resa McConaghy

As a 20 year long established costume designer in film, television, and digital media, Resa McConaghy has credits with: Showtime, ABC, Disney, CBS, CBC, Hallmark, Lifetime, and more. Her mission: to enable the articulation of character through wardrobe.

Prior to these goals, she ran a 10 year history in commercials, rock videos, shorts, and has held every position in the wardrobe department. Check out her reel, plus her expert industry advice below.

Notes on Costume Design

So you want to be a costume designer in the film or television industry? First, ask yourself a few questions:

  • Are you ready to work 14 hour days?
  • Are you willing to work weekends?
  • Are you willing to travel to a location and be away from home for weeks, even months?
  • Do you have solid hands on people communication skills?
  • Can you handle a budget?

Yes! So far so good.


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