SandSation: In Praise of Malleable Kinetic Sand


Sand kicks off August 2018 and why not? Sand is great. Exquisite, even. Sand is what you find at beaches and it feels funny on your tootsies. SandSation is something else entirely! Fatimah Siti came across this stuff (kinetic sand) and has dedicated her time to making what’s, essentially, wet sand collapse in weirdly relaxing ways. Onward!


Armed only with a blade of doom, Siti hacks away at the sand and the viewer is left to watch as it flops over into place rather neatly. Kinetic sand is a toy for kids, primarily, but she has been approached by people on her YouTube channel telling her it’s hyper relaxing to watch the videos over and over. What do you make of these cheese block, fool?

Siti told Instagram: “People tell me that watching the same video over and over helps them relieve anxiety and sleep better.” What we learnt here is this is a side effect of autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR). There are some sounds and motions that are intrinsically relaxing for us human beings.

You get the best of both worlds here, as you get the crunchy sound of the kinetic sand being smooched up, plus you then watch it elegantly slide to one side. In her videos, she often challenges viewers to “try not be satisfied” and other such flirtatious illusions. Whatever, girlfriend, you don’t diss us out, yo! We’ll do whatever the Hell we want!

Sand Tagious

Despite the relaxing claims, clearly the world of kinetic knife cutting is heating up into bitter enmity! There’s also a rival sand cutting channel on YouTube that goes by the name above. My word, are we going to see pitched turf wars over this stuff? All we can say to the dedicated sand cutters of the world is this – stay true and pure to your mission. It’s not about fame, money, or glory – it’s about cutting kinetic sand to keep people satisfied. You hear!?

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