Jason Becker: Triumphant Hearts Album Hits The Stores

Trumphant Hearts by Jason Becker

Jason Becker isn’t a household name, ALS stopped such possibilities. That’s the same condition Stephen Hawking had.

The same condition that just killed the SpongeBob SquarePant’s creator Stephen Hillenburg. Yet after 29 years, Becker is still rolling.

He’s still brilliant, charismatic, and just released a new album as well! So, we thought we’d catch up with the wise cracking guitar god.

Triumphant Hearts by Jason Becker

Right, so this hit the digital world (and store shelves) on the 7th December.

It’s a heavy metal album and, admittedly, that’s not usually our cup of tea. But if it is your thing, then some of the reviews for this collaboration such are glowing:

“It’s an album full of stunning music composed by a genius musician who has to score the opus note by note.”

Over on Metal Wani, it got a 9/10 in a glowing, wonderful review that really highlights what Becker has produced here.

A prodigious guitar genius in his youth, his illness has blocked him from touring the world playing major stadiums. But his mind still has the capacity to create things like this.

And here we have an album that mixes your more standard guitar squealing elements with some magnificent classical leanings.

If you’re a metal head, then this is no doubt a mighty find for you. The album isn’t always for us, but then that’s subjective – certainly, its more introspective moments offer up some sweeping atmospherics.

You can visit Jason Becker‘s site (about to have a new launch) if you’d like to pick up a copy.

Becker is Not Dead Yet

And a bit about Jason Becker. In 2012, the documentary film Not Dead Yet hit cinemas and made an appearance on the Kermode and Mayo film review show. Intrigued, we went and saw the film.

What comes out of the documentary is not only was Becker a staggering guitar playing talent, but he’s an awesome bloke.

His great sense of humour throughout the film is often depraved. But that’s what impressed us most about the man, really, above his musical talents.

The ability to drop a ridiculously crass joke at inappropriate times? Yep. Brilliant.

It’s a bit condescending for us to say Becker is inspirational. He’s just gone about adapting to his illness – his creative parents adapting a communication sheet for him to use.

But almost 30 years after his diagnosis, that creative drive has kept him busy, with some excellent results – we’re hoping he keeps this output coming.


  1. Is it just me or does it seem as though a lot of big names have been afflicted with ALS? It’s a truly awful affliction; I remember seeing Gleason some time back, which was about an ex-American football player who got the disease.

    Either way, it’s awesome that this guy is still composing music despite his severe limitation. He sure took advantage of the fact that the disease doesn’t affect one’s mind in the best way possible.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well it’s an extremely rare condition, but it has afflicted some extraordinary people that’s for sure. It’s known as Lou Gehrig’s disease in some parts of America as it struck down a famous baseball player. That kind of brought it to the public attention.

      Becker looks remarkably well and he’s attributed that to his diet. And his brain is as sharp as ever, so I’m waiting for the next album now.

      Liked by 1 person

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