Great Twist Endings That Never Were

The End

If you’re writing a book, novel, TV show, or film then it’s sometimes important to have a clever twist ending. If done properly, it’ll make the viewer love you like a petulant brother or angry wife or obnoxious husband.

If done poorly, you end up like M. Night Shyamalan – desperately hunting for the next great twist ending, before deciding upon turning everyone into robots.

But it doesn’t have to be that way! As today we’re here to help you find the twist and shout ending that’ll make your work of mediocrity into a slice of genius.

Twist Endings

Before we begin, we’ll point out you can use these endings at leisure – the only copyright clause we stipulate is you offer us a seat at your launch ceremony.

Everyone is a Cement Mixer

Didn’t see that coming, did you? Never mind everyone being a robot, as it turns out your romantic comedy, historical drama, or action flick is really just a bunch of cement mixers pretending to be human.

Everyone is Mariah Carey

Picture this – it’s the latest Jurrassic World film. You watch all the standard mayhem and roaring… then in the closing segment, they all take off their costumes and they’re all Mariah Carey! Memorable? Roar (yes)!

Use Nuclear Explosions Liberally

Struggling to end your gripping romantic drama? Not sure how to get Cindy back with hunk of the month Barry? Wrap it all up with a nuclear explosion, decimating your cast of characters and saving you valuable thinking time for a more lucrative erotic thriller series.

Cheese Platter

So you’ve run out of ideas for your next exciting action scene to wrap up your exciting extravaganza? Wrap everything up with a polite dinner party and a remarkable cheese platter for Bruce Willis and arch-nemesis Generic Villain #22 to discuss.


Can’t think about how to end your Christopher Nolan-esque mind bender? Here’s an easy cop out for you – have a main character explain the collapse of the space time contimuum happened “because it did”. Easy.

Hazmat Suit

Your chick flick run out of steam? Not sure how to get Jennifer Aniston to hitch up with Generic Hunky Man #120? Have it turn out she works at a sewer and has to wear a hazmat suit at all times. We’re not sure what this solves, but no one will be expecting it.

Roll Out Morgan Freeman

Your action blockbuster stumbling to a lame conclusion? Bring in Morgan Freeman to narrate your ending: “And it turns out they were all related to Arnold Schwarzenegger, explaining why they were so good at destroying everything with guns. Oh, and they’re also all robots.” etc.

It was all a stream

Don’t rely on the cliched dream technique, go instead for the stream – the gurgling, water-based thing. What could be more perfect? Is Bruce Willis really John McClane? No! It was all a stream (as in… well, we’re not really sure).

Multiple Twist Endings

Why settle for one when you can go for many? We recommend the following:

  • Everyone is a robot.
  • And they were all dreaming.
  • Plus, they’re all related.
  • And they’re also all baddies, not goodies.
  • Then there’s an alien invasion.
  • But it’s okay, a nuclear explosion wipes everyone out.

Twist and Shout

Everyone – protagonists and antagnists – drop everything to do this funky, jive-happy thing. The dance number goes on for as long as you want.

This device is particularly useful if you’ve run out of plot ideas and need some random filler to bring the film to an end – feel free to make everyone rave for a solid 30 minutes if you’re bereft of ideas.


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