Supraland: Charming Sandbox Adventure That’ll Make You Swoon


One of the unexpected delights of 2019, Supraland is a sandbox indie title that’s taken the gaming community by storm. It takes place in a sandbox, is from the almost one-man dev team of Surpa Games, and it’s bloody excellent. 


A mishmash of Portal, Zelda, and Metroid, it’s a Metroidvania title… but also a sandbox game.

The latter term refers to a title where there are limited restictions on a player’s interactions with a world. You just head on out and find your way.

It reminds us of Slime Rancher a fair bit, a similarly inventive FPS romp. Both are bloody charming. Here you’re a little red toy character in a kid’s sandpit left to discover the world around you.

As the reds, you have to make it to the blues – all whilst upgrading with health, power ups, jumping abilities, and all that jazz.

Your mission is to speak to the blue king about the ongoing war between the little toy figures.

There’s a giant kid way above you as you’re in his back garden, in the sandpit, where he hovers over everything like some despotic overlord.

Exploration is the name of the game. Intuitiveness is rewarded, as is puzzle solving commitment.

And what at first appears to be a simple task – go and speak to the king of the blues – turns into an incredibly convoluted mission.

Your progress is blocked at each next step – the puzzler element really ramps up. This part of the game will either thrill you or annoy you.

Some of the puzzles are rather abstract and can take much head scratching. But if you speak to some of the other characters, you can find all the information you need to progress. It’s very much down to your imagination.

Indeed, this is a charming and adorable adventure. You power up with various weapons (the Super Metroid element) and they come thick and fast, so you always feel as if you’re on the ascendancy with your little character.

There’s about 20 hours of solid entertainment here! The game looks utterly fantastic, plus there’s a beautiful soundtrack.

Unfortunately, that’s not available on YouTube yet – the only way to hear it is to play the Supraland. And you can’t really complain about that. It’s excellent.

Supraland II

Although Supraland looks like it’s the work of a team of 20, it’s actually all down to David Münnich. Yes, another one-man dev team.

His hard work has paid off as it’s a smash hit. Expect this to feature in many best indie games of the year lists, if not indeed best games of the year.

And the even better news is the sequel has gone into Kickstarter mode. Yes! There’s another one on the way (potentially). And we fully support such excellence.

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