WatchMojo: Chernobyl’s Key Players Didn’t Speak English


For the uninitiated, WatchMojo is a notorious YouTube channel famous for pumping out endless top 10 lists. We had a brief interest in it back in 2014, but unsubscribed a long time ago.

That’s until we saw the excellent Chernobyl mini-series and have watched many documentaries detailing the disaster.

So many of them are insightful and engaging, including from physicists and scientists with a wealth of knowledge. And then WatchMojo stumbled in with stupid that makes us proud.

WatchMojo & Chernobyl

Right, intriguing sounding list? Yes. Hit TV show with critical acclaim – better document it!

And to be fair, the channel did a half decent one a while back documenting the show’s – yep – 10 best moments. But the whole tone is off, the way the casually cheesy narrator speaks of that horror story as if it’s a trip down to a beach. “And they all died hideously. Ahahahah!”

But the problem is point #9. As of 20/07/19, the video has over a million views. There are 12,000 likes, and 10,000 dislikes (it’s unusual to have such a difference).

That indicates there’s a problem in YouTube land. Something is up. It’s WatchMojo stating:

"The key players [at Chernobyl, didn't have] mostly British accents."

Who the hell thinks somewhere like Chernobyl will have a bunch of Brits walking around exclaiming, “Golly gosh!”?

Are people so stupid they can’t tell that the TV series set in Ukraine, where the power plant is, must have a load of British actors there? Now, the comments section for this video went berserk. Thankfully.

The most popular comments are all at the top, here’s a verbatim roundup:

  • “‘The characters didn’t speak with british accents’. Wow, shocking. Here’s an even bigger shocker: they didn’t speak English at all, they spoke Russian and Ukrainian. Crazy right?”
  • “They didn’t have British accents.” Somebody got paid to write that for this channel….”
  • “I’m glad someone has finally debunked the old conspiracy theory that the Chernobyl nuclear power plant was run by British actors.”
  • “Here is another thing the show got wrong: The people we see in the show aren’t actually the people who were in Chernobyl – imagine THAT!!!”
  • “Nobody: …” – “WatchMojo: “The Russians didn’t have British accents.”
  • “Stopped at british accents. Felt like a genuine attack to my intelligence.”
  • “Watchmojo: Top 10 Things HBO’s Chernobyl Got Factually Right And Wrong” – “Me: Oh, hello. This should be good” – “Watchmojo: “The real life characters didn’t actually speak british” – “Me: Goodbye”
  • ‘british accents’ – “now i remember why i hated watch mojo so much”
  • “Wait. Gorbachev didn’t have a british accent? Yo wtf!” [Mikhail Gobachev is, in fact, from Bolton of Greater Manchester]
  • “Seriously who the hell thought they all actually had British accents….I mean FFS!”
  • ‘The characters didn’t speak with British accents’ – “How in hell does this channel have 20m subscribers?”
  • “They didn’t have British accents”. Wow. No shit, Sherlock.”
  • “they didn’t have British accent”, lol. Damn I just figured out the Jared Harris is not Valerie legasov and Stellan Skasgard is not Boris Shcherbina!!!”
  • “this was an unnecessary video because they stated everything at the end of the series. Oh, and thanks for letting me know they didn’t have British accents I wouldn’t have known that.”
  • “I always thought Chernobyl was in the UK. Thanks Watchmojo”
  • “It’s a fact that all the Russian miners spoke with a Glaswegian accent.”
  • “Some writer of this channel said, “Let’s make a video about all the facts that were told at the end of the show. And oh I don’t think those people actually spoke English.”

We’re in a critical mood today as we abandoned WatchMojo ages ago. As a channel it’s a bastion of the insipid. Its endless top 10 lists are, at this point, a running joke in the online community.

The only site we hate more is BuzzFeed, which is the tabloid of the left wing world and frequently embarrassess the progressive community with its dismal content.

Despite having 20 million subscribers, WatchMojo has a BuzzFeed situation of thumping out briefly researched pieces. There’s a backlash towards it, so let’s celebrate that (gosh, we’re in such a caustic mood, eh?).

Losing Your Mojo

Despite having over 20 million subscribers, the channel is rubbish due to its mediocrity (oh, in our opinion).

It’s a Canadian-based company that has over 12 billion views overall on its channel. This is proof that success isn’t what you think it is.

According to 2016 figures, 92% of the viewship is from men. It’s been around since 2006 and the headquarters are in Montreal. But at this point the problem is endemic. And some of our favourite YouTubers have taken to thrashing it one.

Alex from I Hate Everything, for example, offers a fabulously cynical channel (the same for Georg-Rockall Schmidt further above) strips it down.

Today’s post may seem needlessly petty, but after our schadenfreude book review we’re revelling in a bit of spite!

And we feel with good reason. As if you live in Russia, you don’t speak with a British accent. We’re pretty sure of that.


  1. Stellan Skasgard…??? Do you mean Stellan Skarsgård?
    I worked with him, you know?
    OR is this some British accented Stellan Skasgard that is faking it out in this Canadian/British Chernobyl?
    I find this a very disturbing post.
    You understand that I am not just name dropping here?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Re-read the post, human female, that’s a YouTube comment. And yes, they got it a bit wrongered.

      Pretty sure Stellan isn’t English. He’s Welsh.

      I know you’re not name dropping. I met Cillian Murphy once.


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