The Big Journey: Twee Cat Romp With Tilt Controls

The Big Journey
It’s Mr. Whiskers!

Okay, some cute cat-based fun here this week. This is suitable for all ages and only cost a couple of quid. Did we mention there’s a cat called Mr. Whiskers in it? Sold!

The Big Journey

From indie team Catfishbox in Ukraine, this is a super cute adventure starring Mr. Whiskers and his quest for tasty food.

He really loves dumplings and has a friendship with a chef callled Mr. Choo. When the latter disappears one day, Mr. Whiskers decides to go looking for his “friend” (i.e. person to exploit for grub).

What follows is a 2D adventure with tilt controls and much vibrancy.

It’s out now on the Nintendo Switch and iPhone. It cost us £2, normal price of £4 (about $7). Can’t go wrong with that, can you?

Your task as player is to tilt (or control, depending what device you’re using) the screen to make Mr. Whiskers roll about on the screen.

You can also jump to collect items, such as the dumplings you find scattered about stages.

It’s a gentle experience, sure, but there are fun little stage design sections to ensure proceedings never get stale.

What stands out straight away are those lush graphics. It’s a colourful world you enter.

And although it’s not intended to be challenging, even seasoned gamers should enjoy the flow of levels and how they unfold.

Little touches such as Mr. Whiskers exclaiming things such as “Meow!” are cool as well.

It’s a short game (as you’d expect for the asking price). But one that’ll prove a distraction to a child or hungover and grumpy adult looking to pass some time on a commute to work.

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