The Archers: Why We Hate BBC Radio 4’s Stupid Soap Opera

The Archers BBC
Urgh… enough to strike fear into any decent human.

Recently listening to the Church of Wittertainment on Radio 5 Live, one segment had a 50+ couple review various BBC radio programmes.

Turns out they hate the film review show’s podcast pre-show pre-amble. But they love The Archers… this just won’t stand!

The Archers

This show has run since 1951 so, as with various other things in the UK (such as the anachronistic monarchy system), tradition overtakes reason.

In our humble opinion, The Archers is crap. A feeble, insipid, insufferable, and utterly wince-inducing show with no purpose.

And yet in February 2019, 46 broadcasting industry experts (42 with professional connections to the BBC—so that’s not biased, eh?) voted it the second greatest radio show in history.

Bollocks it is. The show is about the Archers, who run a farm—we believe its setting is supposed to be Brookfield, Derbyshire.

Episodes revolve around mundane activities, with the sedate pace involving tedious conversations about nothing at all.

The only saving grace here is each episode lasts for about 10 minutes.

Now, to be clear, we love BBC Radio 4. It creates a lot of very engaging content, from culturally inspired sorts. There are also great comedy shows and whatnot. We highly recommend Radio 4 to everyone around the world.

Except for that moment when The Archers’ romping theme tune kicks in. At that point, throw yourself at the radio to end this nightmare!

Spiffing, eh? The Archers, as a soap opera, has a longstanding tradition of other soaps in the UK. As in, we apparently can’t live without them.

Coronation Street, Emerdale, Neighbours… wait, no, that’s the Australian one. Erm… EastEnders, that’s it.

Well, we can’t stand any of them. Amongst the rubbish writing, terrible acting, and low production values, these things remain inexplicably popular.

How you can watch this shite when you’ve got Breaking Bad and monumental shows such as Chernobyl stunning the world… and then there’s EastEnders.

These soaps represent a type of old school British ideal going against the culutral vanguards of the world.

Make it as wince-inducingly simplistic as possible and revel in the accolades.

Whilst Harry Hill’s TV Burp ran, it revelled in mocking the soap operas at every given opportunity.

And, well, we don’t watch television anymore. Instead we spend most of our time on YouTube enjoying the creative efforts of brilliant sorts across the globe.

But some folks just do like tradition. Watching Dave and Doreen in Corrie talking about how expensive a loaf of white bread is at t’ local shop.

Call us pretentious if you like, but the soaps have irritated us for decades. Why do they exist? They’re rubbish.

And as angry old bloggers, we’re taking this opportunity to point out that we think The Archers and co. must face total annihilation!

A tad hyperbolic? Erm… maybe. We suppose they’re harmless. But we demand better!


  1. We used to get the Archers here in New Zealand. Not sure if we do now… I don’t really want to check… That aside, we also get Coro, Emmerdale, Neighbours, etc etc. None of which I watch because I just don’t watch soaps anyway… and besides, the TV broke in 2018 and I decided it could be replaced if it was missed. So far, after 18 months, it hasn’t been missed.

    Our domestic soap is ‘Shortland Street’, a medical drama that uses the TV studio it’s made in for outside shots to stand in for the hospital it’s supposed to be set in. There is an irony here. The studio is on Shortland Street in Auckland. The street, itself, was named after a medical doctor. But I digress. Haven’t seen it in decades, and certainly not lately…

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    • Yeah, I moved away from the whole spending my evenings sitting watching TV ages ago. I’m being a bit facetious with this post as it’s all harmless enough, but I just can’t stand soap operas.

      I’ve not heard of Shortland Street. At uni in 2003 I was mates with NZ Ben (a character on campus), he introduced me to a few films from New Zealand. But no soap operas.

      I did a quick Google and it has 28 seasons! And a 4.8 rating on iMDb. I’ll place a bet it’s better than The Archers any day of the week. One of the best radio shows in history, according to the BBC. I’m writing them an angry letter.

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