Wattam: The Most Bizarre Indie Game of 2019


From Katamari Damacy Reroll creator Keita Takahashi, here’s his latest offering on the PS4 and PC. It’s just launched (yes, the last 2019 game we’re playing!) and it’s predictably surreal and life-affirming.


Right, how do we even explain what any of this is about? Funomena’s latest effort is an action game. Sort of.

It’s more of a befriending sim with a lot of adorable, enthusiastic characters.

You start out as Wattam, the green cube bloke, who’s lonely. He then discovers a couple of rocks and makes friends with them.

He also finds out he can doff his cap and a present-encased bomb erupts blasting everyone around him into the air.

The characters find all of that great fun and it turns into Wattam’s method of making new friends with the likes of fruit, sprouts, and hunks of meat—by blowing them up.

Keita Takahashi’s desire for Wattam is to prove that “ordinary” life is great.

Which is very Japanese and in keeping with the Buddhist philosophies coming to define the Professional Moron way of things—minimalism, equality etc.

It’s also rather life-affirming, with lots of character hand-holding, plus all sorts of individuals getting on famously.

Regardless of their shapes or being—take note, world.

The emphasis is very much on silly fun. Funomena classifies Wattam as, “the ultimate goof-around simulation.”

As there isn’t really a purpose, as such, more just an opportunity to lark about. In this game, nothing really makes sense.

The absurdity factor is totally off the scale. And that’s lovely.

Keita Takahashi says the project really took it out of the dev team, but the end result is more than worth it.

It’s very much a surprise addition to the gaming world, right at the end of 2019 landing in this surreal romp along.

It’s available on the PS4 and PC and is obviously going to be great for kids. But adults can also get a lot from this. Just simply because it’s so weird.

What can we add? Well, if you like the look of the clips above then this may well appeal to you. If you have kids, they’ll love it.

If you’ve had a crap day, put this on and you’ll enter a bizarre world where everyone loves getting along. Now that really is something to revel in.


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