Super Punch-Out!! Punch People in this SNES Classic

Super Punch-Out!!
Is slapping allowed?

This 1994 cult classic is a SNES game about punching opponents in the face. Hurray! And, yes, this is a family-friendly Nintendo game.

Super Punch-Out!

Nintendo’s arcade efforts were primarily around the early to mid-1980s. Donkey Kong in the arcade is a popular retro gaming memory for many folks.

It’s so legendary competitive gamers went nuts with it, which led to the intriguing The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters documentary.

But there were plenty of other titles, such as Super Punch-Out!! in 1984. That became a legendary NES game—Punch-Out!!

That’s a popular speedrunning experience for fans, primarily because the final boss (Mike Tyson) is notoriously difficult to beat.

Anyway, it was all a hit so Nintendo brought it’s colourful 1984 arcade game to the more powerful SNES in time for ’94.

Yes, so you get the idea. We did a whole guide to punching people in the face. Good, eh?

Fairly representative when it comes to lunging your fist into someone’s grimacing mush.

As for the game, it has an addictive quality. But it’s also legendary in the speedrunning community. Especially for the NES original.

Now, the colourful graphics are certainly appealing. The main draw for the game is the rather intense gameplay—don’t let the cartoony look fool you. This SOB is tough.

The aim is to punch your way to the W.V.B.A. Champion title thing.

Fights play out with each opponent having some sort of special skillset. So you have to get to grips with the fighting styles to punch them on out.

You can duck back, block, and launch a punch or uppercut as and when required. But it’s tricky stuff, your timing has be to terrific here. Or you’re in a spot of bother.

So with each fight you go in with a sense of trepidation. It’s one of those SNES games where your controller will be sweaty—you’ll also be drooling a lot (or maybe that’s just us).

And it’s another one of those SNES games that’s aged very well. It all feels rather fresh.

Ultimately, it’s a boxing game for everyone. We sure as heck don’t give a damn for the professional sport.

But we do enjoy dipping in and out of Super Punch-Out!! every now and then. That and just punching people we come across in the street.

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