15 Films Ruined by Adding “Eyesore” Into the Title

An old house that is a bit of an eyesore
Beauty is in the eye of the eyesore holder.

There are many beautiful things in the world around. Such as flowers. And margarine. But then there are things horrible enough to make you puke.

Those things? Eyesores. And we feel there just aren’t enough films about them. Until now!

Back to the Eyesore

A tyre in the earth

Marty McFly loves eyesores so much he travels through time to visit them! Nice one, Doc.

It’s a Wonderful Eyesore

Bottle pollution in mud

Not all eyesores are bad, of course. Such as this film that helps to challenge social injustices about eyesores that really aren’t all that bad.

Terminator 2: Eyesore Day

A tyre in the earth

Big Arnie romp about a Terminator sent back in time to ensure eyesores aren’t destroyed. We guess robots love them! Kind of cute, when you think about it.

Raging Eyesore

Bottle pollution in mud

Robert De Niro stars as a boxer who takes on eyesores in the boxing ring. His most famous match? Against New York’s Verizon Building! The architecture one.

Eyesore Club

A tyre in the earth

Brad Pitt and Edward Norton champion eyesores. They form a club and eyesore enthusiasts meet twice weekly to have polite discussions about the likes of the Millennium Dome.

Gone with the Eyesore

Bottle pollution in mud

Hollywood golden era classic about a lady who steals eyesores. One bloke really isn’t all that fussed about her “achivements”, though, instead quipping, “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.” Charming!

Eyesore Now

A tyre in the earth

Vietnam epic about the dangers of eyesores. Lasts for five hours. Moral of the story? Eyesores are dangerous.

Eyesore Driver

Bottle pollution in mud

Robert De Niro stars in this hard hitting tale about a man who drives eyesores around. Forcing people to look at them! What’s the world coming to!?

Eyesore Encounters of the Third Kind

A tyre in the earth

Richard Dreyfuss stars as a man obsessed about eyesores. Eventually, aliens abduct him to give him a new hobby to focus on, thusly saving his beleaguered family from more tedium.

Eyesore and the Beast

Bottle pollution in mud

Two ugly people hitch up, dance about in a big old ballroom, and then get married. The end.

Eyesore Hard

A tyre in the earth

Bruce Willis gets his action pants on. He’s just an average guy, but he hates eyesores. And he’s here to wipe them all out. Yippee eyesore ay etc.


Bottle pollution in mud

Big hit from the 1980s about men in New York out to wipe out eyesores.

All About Eyesores

A tyre in the earth

Another golden era classic. This film is all about dodgy looking things. Bette Davis stars.

Eyesore Park

Bottle pollution in mud

John Hammond has opened a big park with all the world’s worst eyesores in it. Outraged, the eyesores break loose and start messing things up. Jeff Goldblum to the rescue!

And finally…

Star Wars: The Eyesore Strikes Back

A tyre in the earth

The second film in the Star Wars saga is all about big old eyesores striking back. And then it turns out Luke Skywalker’s father is an eyesore. Biggest twist in history!


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