Real Neat Blog Award: Funky Questions & Answers

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All hail, WordPress!

We have a new enemy over at UnCapt. And there are some questions set for us which we must answer, on pain of death!

Blogging Q&As

So, we decided to go ahead and respond to them. Warily. With one beady eye gazing with caution at those of you around us.

1. What is the one thing you’re most proud of?

Probably writing that novel that isn’t published yet. And probably isn’t going to get published. But, still, we’re pleased with that thing.

That and completing Life Force on the NES, which is a really tough game. But we did it. We dug deep… and we did it!

We watched The Irishman in one sitting, too, which we think warrants us a medal. No trips to the toilet, or anything.

2. What is the perfect snack for a video game binge?

We don’t eat whilst playing video games. Never have done, never will do.

It seems a bit counter-intuitive for us. Our hands are occupied playing the game, not reaching over to stuff things into our stupid faces.

However, if we had to pick anything we guess we’d go for PROPERCORN and its popcorn range.

3. Who’s your favourite villain in a video game and why?

Flame Hyenard is pretty hilarious—”BURN TO THE GROUND!” He’s the type of hyena we’d like to hang around with.

Dungeon Keeper has a load of villains in it we love. Generally as we get to play as them. The bile demons and warlocks are great, packed full of character.

That’s despite them remaining as despicable as they come, of course.

There’s something extra special about Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII, though. He’s crazy, but not without good reason.

4. Do you think there are other lifeforms in space?

As someone who’s regularly abducted by aliens, our esteemed editor, Mr. Wapojif, has tangible proof there are, indeed, lifeforms out there.

5. What is your favourite thing to do to kill time?

We don’t really view things as “killing” time anymore. We like to spend every moment being productive, in our simple little way.

But if it’s a commute of some sort, or other long journey, then reading does the trick. Culture in general.

It’s impossible to get bored in this era of internet and entertainment—there’s always something to do.

6. What is the one video game world you would love to visit?

Got to be the world of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. We love the Duelling Peaks there and often just hang out around it.

Akkala seems to be stuck in autumn, which is our favourite season. So bonus to that area.

But Hateno Village wins it out for us, due to its magnificent setting. Plus, the music is rather wonderful.

7. If you were creating a playlist what would be the first 5 songs?

We’d sling together a mixture of classical music compositions, some indie, jazz, and video game music. So something along the lines of:

  1. Future Days by Can.
  2. Waterfall by The Stone Roses.
  3. Symphony No. 25 in G minor by Mr. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
  4. Some drum solo by Buddy Rich.
  5. The Rayman Origins soundtrack performance from Pixelophonia.

We’d follow that up with some banging gangster rap, dance, Jedward, and Swagger Jagger by Cher Lloyd. You’ve got to save the best until last.


  1. Really sorry only just seen your reply to this nearly 20 days later!!

    Got to be fair glad I did, made me giggle! Fairplay to you for watching the Irishman it’s still haunting my continue watching section on Netflix any good?

    I think that the best way to be always on your toes though, pretty much the same myself… well I try to be…

    Best of luck with your novel hope it does get published soon 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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