Serenade For Winds: Mozart & Keeping Calm

When you end your working week with “Jesus God almighty!” You’re either very religious, or a bit annoyed.

Mozart & Annoyance

We’re neither annoyed, religiously annoyed, either annoyed or religious, and/or… we think we covered it all.

That is why, over the last week, we’ve staggered out content that we’d normally save for one post. The result? That half-arsed content has had the most traffic we’ve had in ages.

The result? Well, we’re going back to normal again. Traffic don’t mean bugger all.

Now, Mozart’s genius may annoy a few people. Not most. Amadeus didn’t add to his legend much. Hey, hey?

See. Look at that video. Who else would look in such astonishment? Except for an actor such as F. Murray Abrahim, also in The Grand Budapest Hotel.

Okay, so this now turning into a bit of a free-form Mozart music time. So we’ll follow this process, hey?

So, what would you like to hear? Tough we control the shots. And the word length. Which is at least 300 per piece, so bear with us as we ramble some more.

Interspersed with well timed pieces of banging tunes.

Yes, well the point of this, we suppose, is to use your lockdown time wisely. Don’t get angry about things.

Don’t become furious. Agitated? Sure, that’s okay. That’ll help pass you off as a heroin addict, rather than a plague sufferer.

But believe in Mozart. For He can guide you through the worst of times. He may have been dead for several hundred years. But don’t let that prove disconcerting.

Instead, revel in this rambling piece that we hodgepodged together over the course of an hour or so.

Because if there’s one thing you can learn from the pandemic, it’s that you need to learn to more classic music.

As in, Mozart. So, go forth and multiply (Mozart fans).


  1. I rather enjoyed Amadeus, though I got a bit tired of him constantly being referred to as ‘Wolfie’. Astonishing character, I believe he’d composed at least four complete piano concertos by the age of 18 months. As an aside, one of the oddest interpretations of Mozart I heard was by Frank Zappa, a dead serious performance by his keyboard player of the Allegro from Mozart’s Piano Sonata in B flat Major, K.333, accompanied by Zappa’s band who hopped around pretending to be ballet dancers while strangling a small rubber chicken. (It’s from ‘You Can’t Do That On Stage Any More Vol. 5’, Disk 1, Track 5.)

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    • Well that’s nothing, I’d composed zero concertos by the age of 35 (now). So I think Mozart is overrated.

      But, my word, it’s an astonishing and rare skill. The likes of Beethoven. Frank Zappa I’ve never really listened to, for some reason, but I like that he called his daughter Moon Unit.


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