Broforce: Hypermasculine Macho Game About Manly Men


This tongue-in-cheek indie romp from Cape Town’s indie team Free Lives is a blast. Indeed. It’s proper macho, too, so let’s bloody well DO THIS!

Hell Yeah Chaos in Broforce!!

This one reminds us of Cannon Fodder a tad, but is largely a run and gun type lunacy adventure with elements of bullet hell antics.

And if that makes no sense to you, then Broforce is basically a 2D platformer where you run riot in ridiculously over the top fashion.

Deliberately so. It’s a loving homage (and mockery) of hypermasculine ’80s movies such as Predator, The Terminator, and various Sylvester Stallone romps (mainly Rambo).

However, Ripley from Aliens also crops up. Can’t argue with a bit of Sigourney Weaver, eh?

As the player, you take control of a “bro”. A hypermasculine action hero commando. You need to rescue your bro prisoner of war bro mates.

Which you do so in the most insanely, cartoonishly violent fashion imaginable.

Right, so it’s a satire. Crucially. Otherwise it’d descend into a ridiculous type of game. But its sense of humour complements the highly enjoyable destructive nature of proceedings.

The environments you’re placed in are totally destructible, so you can gun and blast your way around the landscape.

That adds creative and strategic elements to the mania. You can think about how to approach certain enemies by blasting through soil and other obstacles.

So, it’s a merger of Worms and Metal Slug. It’s a humorous exaggeration of the latter, taking the gung-ho impossibilities of a one-man killing machine and turning it into a bro experience.

And we have to say it’s excellent fun. Addictive as all hell, as you feel the need to revisit stages and indulge in the anarchy to save all your bros.

One downside is the insanity can get somewhat repetitive over longer playing periods. But we think Broforce works best as a pick up and play type deal.

You have a blast every now and then for 30 minutes or so, which then turns into an hour.

Aesthetically, its got that retro gamer charm to it. Although the level select area shifts to a voxel-type graphical appearance. As with the way The Touryst presents itself.

The controls are sharp and simplistic. And you can play online with up to four others.

Although the ubiquitous pelting rock soundtrack grates after a while (for us, anyway), but doesn’t detract from the gameplay.

Overall, Broforce is a self-aware and ludicrous game. But it’s just so much goddamn stupid fun we can highly recommend it.

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