Fisherman’s Friend: Menthol Sweets Put Hair on Your Eyebrows

Fisherman's Friend original flavour

Continuing on our look at interesting English foodie traditions, now it’s this strong menthol lozenge that’s so strong it won Mr. Universe in 1975.

What’s a Fisherman’s Friend?

It’s a strong menthol lozenge containing sugar, liquorice extract, eucalyptus oil, dextrin, tragacanth, and capsicum tincture.

It’s essentially like a sweet, but very pungent and powerful. Sort of like Bovril, but for people fishing (rather than at war or attending football matches).

Most people we know tend to refer to them as Fisherman’s Friends, though. Adding the extra “s” on for comforting purposes.

And also because, when you open up a pack, there are loads of the little things in there. There’s not just one lozenge.

The original flavour is menthol and eucalyptus, but other varieties now include:

  • Spearmint
  • Honey and lemon
  • Aniseed (cripes, we bet that’s one pungent beast of a lozenge)
  • A weaker original flavour
  • Mint
  • Cherry

And although fishermen were partial to them in the past, these days you usually have the things if you’ve got a sore throat.

There’s a slight edge of hypermasculinity with the things, for sure. And the taste definitely isn’t for everyone.

But, heck, if you’re stuck out at sea (or have a sore throat) then these mighty little bad boys are for you.

Who Makes Fisherman’s Friend lozenges?

Fisherman’s Friend is made by the Lofthouse business empire in the coastal town of Fleetwood, Lancashire.

In 1865, James Lofthouse created the things to help fishermen overcome ailments whilst bobbing about on the ocean.

Initially, it was a beverage the fishermen could swig on. But Lofthouse saw sense and turned that into tiny wee lozenges.

The fishermen loved them a great deal and began to refer to them as their “friends”.

Tory overlord Margaret Thatcher also loved them as it took the strain off her vocal chords after public speaking (the poor overprivileged bat of a woman).

Do The Lozenges Have Other Uses?

Sure! You can turn them into an ice cream! Well, at least in cartoon form. We must admit (knowing what these things taste like), that’d actually be a great flavour.

Or how about Marmite company Unilever teaming up with Lofthouse for a special combo flavour? That really would put hair on your eyebrows.

Anyway, if you’re yearning to try some of these out we guess you’ll probably be able to import them into your country of residence.

Just rest assured, they’ll make you into the manliest man (or woman) that has ever been.

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