Him & Her: Cute & Simplistic Puzzler That’s a Challenge

Him & Her the indie game
Which one is him?

Here’s a tiny little puzzle-platformer from indie team QUByte Interactive in São Paulo, Brazil. It was only 8p! And it’s a nifty little gem.

Him & Her

Yeah, the game launched in June 2020 but was on sale on the Nintendo Switch. But even at full price it was only something like 50p, so we had to give it a whirl.

The artistic style is nice and got our attention. But there’s a challenging puzzle game beneath the surface.

It’s very simple! You have two lovers who are separated on a platforming area, which you must traverse to get to one another.

In Super Mario Galaxy fashion, the world spins around on its head for you—it’s up to you to judge the direction to take your man bloke towards the dame.

And when they meet up they have a little hug. Which is cute, eh?

What isn’t cute is you die horribly if you accidentally bump into some thorns. So, be wary of that, intrepid hero!

As you advance through the levels, in traditional gaming fashion your mission becomes more and more difficult.

There are some proper brain scratching moments with some of the puzzles. And that’s where the challenge side kicks in.

The simplistic but appealing graphics, alongside the basic bopping beat from the music, complement the experience well.

Ultimately, Him & Her is here to serve as a minor distraction for you. And that it does in competent fashion.

It’s a short game. But it does enough to make you pay attention to it and enjoy your short time with the majigger. If you’ve got a spare 8p, you may find it worth your time.

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