Kitty Letter: Oatmeal’s Free Game About Exploding Cats

Kitty Letter the game by Oatmeal
Cats! Cats!

Want a fun wordplay mobile game involving cute cats (some of which explode)? Then this free app is the one for you!

Kitty Letter

Games with cats, eh? The Metroidvania Gato Roboto and RPG Cat Quest spring to mind. But Matthew Inman’s first game is all about wordplay.

Inman is an American cartoonist and the creator of The Oatmeal. The 38-year-old is famous for his webcomic, which often focusses on his pets.

He’s produced length pieces of dogs, for example, and entire calendars about if his pet cat is trying to kill him.

Yes, he’s also got a very witty sense of humor and that plays out in everything he creates. Including this daft mobile game.

It’s a head-to-head competition where the best English enthusiast wins. You need to unscramble words as quickly as possible. Behold!

So, yes, whilst you’re unscrambling words, a small army of cats trudges from your insane neighbour’s house.

If they hit your home, then it’ll slowly disintegrate. If enough cats hit it, then you lose the game and your every household possession.

Inman describes it as Scrabble meets Clash Royale. Or as this:

“Words with enemies.”

Basically, you use your English skills to blow up your competitor. With cats. Which is nice.

You use a gesture-based system to connect letters to spell out words, which unleashes cats from your home. And you can bombard your neighbour to death. With cats. 🐈

Inman worked with former Valve employee Matt Wood to develop the app, which is a whole heaping bag of silly fun. As Inman puts it:

“I put a lot into this game. It’s got multiplayer modes so you can battle friends or strangers, but the real gem is the single-player mode. I wrote the equivalent of a dozen Oatmeal comics packed into a story about a deranged cat owner who moves in next door.”

And the game is genuinely free! No microtransaction nonsense. Just good old silly fun.

So, if you want an experience where you battle it out with words to stop exploding cats, this is the game for you. It has cats!


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