Geometry Dash: Addictive Endless Runner With Dance Music

Geometry Dash
Dash it.

Okay, we were a bit late getting to this one. RobTop Games’ endless runner is addictive fun, along the lines of Runner2. But not quite as great. Yet bloody good all the same!

Geometry Dash the Endless Runner Delight

This thing has been around since 2013, when it launched on smartphones. You can get it on Steam as well, where we picked it up for £2. 

Okay, the idea in an endless runner is your character is in a 2D platformer setting. But you run to the right, instead of having to move this yourself. 

You’re than tasked with timing button presses with the scenery as it hurtles towards you. 

If you think that sounds dumb, you’d be very wrong. Runner2 is one of our all-time favourite indie games and a total gem. 

It can be very addictive as a genre and, yes, Geometry Dash delivers the fun in spades. 

One of its defining features, though, is its sky high difficulty levels. Behold!

Playing the game is a trial and error type of experience. You learn how each levels develops and grow to love (and hate) the thing. 

You need patience to make the most of it. Geometry Dash is fast-paced and relentless. It can be very frustrating, but also exhilarating when you complete a level. 

But that’s the point of the genre! With endless runners, you plug at it until you get that big reward of finishing a finicky level. 

The game has a pulse-pounding soundtrack and minimalistic visual style to go with it. 

With crisp and clear graphics, you can’t complain about how missing any of your button pressing cues as you progress. 

It’s all down to you. And whether you can stomach the level of frustration you’ll get with some of the levels. 

If you do want a challenge, then Geometry Dash is the right endless runner for you. 

Looking for something more spectacular and glorious? Then Runner2 is the thing you need to buy. 


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