Creaks: Graphic Adventure With a Big Underground Mansion

Creaks by Amanita Design

Here’s another unique indie romp from Czech developer Amanita Design, famous for titles such as Chuchel (2018) and Samorost 3 (2016).

It’s a puzzle adventure yarn with point and click qualities. And wouldn’t you know, it’s yet another weirdo gem from Amanita. Huzzah!

Creaks: Explore a Massive Ruddy Mansion

Creaks is Amanita Design’s most ambitious visual tale to date, with a real sense of cinematic heft and well-timed camera reveals.

At the start of the game, you’re a young man in his flat.

After the lights fail after continued mysterious rumbling, he finds a secret area and heads deep underground into a mysterious cavern where there’s a massive mansion. Kind of Howl’s Moving Castle style. Except it doesn’t move!

There he finds dangerous creatures out to get him and a giant feline monster that’s destroying the mansion by climbing all over it (like cats kind of do).

This also includes cute little robot dogs you encounter, who immediately go into a pretty adorable defence cycle.

But your job as the player is to control the young man. Usually with the arrow keys and the space bar. This way you can solve puzzles and advance through the mansion.

Creaks is the first Amanita game that doesn’t rely on the familiar point-and-click genre tropes.

Instead, it’s kind of interactive graphic novel. And one that seems very happy to show off its artistic exquisiteness.

Not that it’s a bad thing, but we’d say Creaks is actually one of Amanita Design’s weaker games.

It looks and sounds amazing (more on the noises below) and is good fun to play.

But its short running time and basic puzzles is more of a showcase for how the game looks, making it more like looking through an excellent graphic novel than playing a video game.

We like Creaks, though! It’s good. If short. But it’s unique artistic qualities make it well worth your time and worthy of a download.

It’s available on pretty much everything. So give it a goddamn whirl! Oops… if you like.

Creaks’ Quirky Soundtrack

Joe Acheson and his solo studio project Hidden Orchestra is responsible is Creak’s excellent, jazzy, oddball music.

There are elements of dance and other such genres in there. It all adds together to make for a rather effective piece of work.

As always these days, you can hear the whole thing on YouTube for free. Should you fancy some easy listening on evening.

It complements the game rather well indeed.

And it helps to continue developing the weirdly wonderful worlds Amanita Design is hellbent on creating.

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