MoroniCast Episode #2: Food Ranting & Observations

MoroniCast Episode 2

Yeah, there’s another podcast! Hurray! After a year of posting English food history posts and that, we decided to break audio silence to prattle about it.

MoroniCast #2: Ranting About English Foods

Episode #2: Food & Marmite Debate MoroniCast: The Moronic Podcast

Debating the life out of English comfort foods, with a major focus on fish & chips, Marmite, and mushy peas. 

In this quite rambling and unstructured podcast with no real sound argument or basis in critical thinking, we discuss things like Marmite.

Plus, other iconic English national dishes such as:

As we’ve covered many times during all these historical food posts, English dishes are deeply rooted in comfort foods. Stodge!

Whilst the two wars in the 20th century shaped quite a few of them, many also came to be thanks to influences from all across the world.

Often from Europe, and our French neighbours, whose culinary skills would seep across the Atlantic Ocean between that gap we have with Francais.

Anyway, the point of #3 of MoroniCast was to address the issue of why we’re always going on about Marmite and that type of thing.

And why we’re documenting all these English foods.

It isn’t a patriotic thing, more happenstance as we’ve fallen into enjoying researching the history of why these dishes came to be.

And it feels JUST and RIGHT to have someone with a proper BRITISH voice chatting about it all. It doesn’t get any more homely than that! A Brit rambling about Marmite.

And we do that in the podcast in a, kind of, vaguely incoherent way that doesn’t particularly explain things well. Cheers to that!

Other Updates

At the start of the podcast, we also address some essential news from the world of Professional Moron.

These are crucial titbits of information about our organisation. Listen in to hear all-important updates about:

That’s about it, really. Otherwise we’re still committed to being as idiotic as humanly possible at every possible opportunity. Huzzah!


  1. Okay!
    What about comfort sauces and dressings?
    Salad with Marmite Dressing…or a Scotch Egg flavoured dressing?
    Broccoli with haggis sauce?
    Cauliflower with Fish and Chips sauce?
    Figs with curry sauce?
    Although, figs are a fruit. Does this prejudice of vegetables extend to fruits?
    OH! Mixed sauteed veggies with crushed dry Pot Noodles sprinkled on top! That sounds…. not bad.

    Murray rules! Certainly you feed him more healthily than yourself?
    Thank you for tossing the chair!!!!

    Enjoyed the podcast! Let me know if you are taking on guests! I’d love to chat about ecologically sound gowns!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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