JCS – Criminal Psychology: Fascinating True Crime Series

JCS - Criminal Psychology
Armbands are essential for this series.

For many ardent YouTubers, the JCS – Criminal Pyshcology account came out of the blue in June 2021.

The YouTube algorithm gave it a favourable ranking and it catapulated the channel to stardom overnight. “What pretending to be crazy looks like” now has over 42 million views.

But the channel has run since 2017, offering a detailed analysis of criminal psychology as certain individuals face police interrogations.

Bloody fascinating? Yes, it is. If dark and disturbing, with the channel shedding light on the manipulative and deranged world of personality disorders.

Criminal Psychology Analysis

JCS – Criminal Psychology has 18 episodes at present, all in the form of a documentary film.

Take the above short episode: Guilty until proven innocent (it plays out like Kafka’s The Trial). It follows Michael Dixon who, in Ontario, Canada, 2003 was falsely arrested for robbing a jewellery store.

An introvert, Dixon was able to compose himself, but behave in an atypical manner in doing so. Thankfully, he was eventually cleared of his crime and received a big settlement.

In some jurisdictions, the police release interrogation footage to the public domain. And in the case of JCS, this is excellent material for some modern psychological examination.

That’s forensic psychology, social, and behavioural sciences.

Most episodes play out in incredibly tense fashion. Viewers are left to observe highly skilled detectives picking apart an individual’s confidence.

That’s either to the point they burst into tears or, eventually (and it sure does take a long, long time with some cases) the police get a confession.

Stephen McDaniel is one such case, whose behaviour went all over the place during his initial interrogation.

Between bouts of helpfulness, dead-eyed staring, and other tactics his efforts to avoid incarceration were eventually thwarted.

What’s clear from most of the cases JCS covers is the guilty party typically labours under a personality disorder.

Usually one of the following (or a disconcerting hybrid of the lot):

Watching all of the episodes, you’ll soon see narcissistic personality disorder dominates proceedings.

In capitalist society, these individuals often get catapulted into lofty positions due to their manipulative behaviour. Their “success” then means everyone around them must suffer through their appalling behaviour.

NPD is, in basic form, like dealing with someone who has the physical and cognitive functions of an adult. But they have the emotional capacity of a five year old.

Their moods vary wildly between barely controlled anger to often quite overt manipulation tactics, although they seem convinced no one can tell they’re doing this. Usually as they believe themselves to be vastly more intelligent than everyone around them.

As we echo from one of the many user comments on these videos, the above disorders really should be taught in school.

Doing so would teach people how to spot tell-tale signs (red flag behaviour) of those around them with these highly destructive conditions.

But as for the JCS series… it’s really quite something.

As we mentioned with our LEMMiNo documentary review recently, these are first class productions.

They feature analytical wit, black humour, and an exposé of how criminal minds operate.

Essential viewing on an educational level, no doubt. Just be aware they also document some truly heinous crimes in distressing detail.

The Wrath of Jodi

By far the most fascinating account for us is the case of Jodi Arias, since 2013 serving a life sentence for murder.

On June 4th 2008, she brutally murdered her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander (33) in Arizona, US. If you watch the above two hour documentary, what’s obvious is the utterly confounding, disturbing, and bizarre extent of Arias’ lying.

It later emerged Arias believed she had the same IQ as Albert Einstein and would simply be able to outsmart law enforcement officials.

A state of mind that fails to realise even if she did have an IQ that high, she still would have gone to prison. Such was the insurmountable evidence against her.

However, her manipulation tactic was to use a sickly sweet, pious, and amiable persona during police interrogations to create some semblance of innocence.

Arias represents a reminder of why it’s important to consider the whole of a person, rather than just their physical appearance. An attractive woman, she can dazzle with her looks—but her personality flaws are more than evident.

At least to most people. Unfortunately, Mr. Alexander continued with her (beyond his better judgement) as she tired to manipulate him into marriage.

Her behaviour hints at sociopathy, borderline personality disorder, or possibly narcissistic personality disorder.

Another great YouTube channel, mental health specialist Dr. Todd Grande, provides an overview of what may be going on with Arias.

If you watch the JCS episode, you’ll note Arias’ sickly sweet persona (which most people seem to find intensely irritating) partially drops by the time she’s in court defending herself.

She was able to dig herself so far into a hole with her lying and inconsistences, she made it very difficult for her legal defense team to create a case for her.

Arias is now into her early 40s and will spend the rest of her life in prison.

The one thing she was successful at was convincing the jury not to give her the death penalty.

In 2015, her defense attorney Kirk Nurmi released the book Trapped with Ms. Arias.

He apparently knew it violated attorney/client privileges and would get him disbarred, but he released it anyway. Why?

As he came to utterly despise Arias for her lying, how impossibly irritating she is, and for how terrible a human being she is.

Welcome to the world of criminal psychology, everyone! It’ll teach you important life lessons.


  1. Fantastic channel – I found him randomly back when he was still called Jim Can’t Swim lol, and he had a LOT more videos. Ultimately Youtube kept striking him for some reason (I believe it was the subject matter) so most of those videos are limited to his Patreon.

    I highly recommend subbing for the Patreon videos alone, it’s really terrific content.

    Liked by 1 person

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