Golf: Game Boy Epic With Mario Hitting a Ball With a Stick

Golf on the Game Boy

It’s just our opinion, but watching golf on TV makes you think a more boring sport could never have been conceived.

Thankfully, in 1989 Nintendo decided to liven things up a bit by adding in Mario, its Game Boy, and good old black and white!

Golf (on the Game Boy)

This is one of the most bare bones, basic games Nintendo has ever released.

Golf launched in Japan back in 1989, before shooting across the world throughout 1990 and invading many more Game Boys.

We don’t know why, but we owned the thing along with Tetris and Link’s Awakening etc. And we quite enjoyed this golf game. We’re not gonna lie.

And it’s a chirpy golf game. You get the idea of things the moment you turn the Game Boy on, greeted as you were by this unbelievably chirpy little number.

There are two courses in the USA and Japan. Plus, Nintendo blesses you with THREE save slots for your gaming delights.

Believe it or not, but save slots were still pretty rare around 1989. Password codes were more of the norm.

Once you’re into the game, the sport of golf kicks in. You control Mario, you have a stick, and there’s a ball to hit.

You get a power meter to judge the power of your swing. And you unleash! The goal is, of course, to get the ball into the hole.

So yeah, it’s a remarkably basic game with no bells or whistles attached. It’s golf. It says so on the front of the box.

It’s the type of thing that could have been stuffed onto the Game Boy Camera as a bit of an extra.

We can’t help but think this is the conversation that took place when coming up with the game idea in Nintendo R&D1:

“Yo! So, we’ve got this proper belting game called Tetris. The name is influenced by tennis, or something, and yeah. That’s a smashing hit! So, yo! Let’s make a golf game and then some Russian puzzle genius will come up with ANOTHER smash hit called Getris! Am I right!?”

Off the top of our heads, these features could have livened the Golf experience up a tad:

  • Atom bombs as golf balls.
  • Geese.
  • Bees.
  • Sporadic appearances of Satan.

Otherwise, Nintendo delivered on its promise here. You want golf on the Game Boy? Then buy Golf on the Game Boy.

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