Dancing Monster: The Gloriously Bizarre Commodore 64 Shimmy

Dancing Monster on the Commodore 64

Okay, the Angry Video Game Nerd put us onto this recently after a minor mention of Dancing Monster the Commodore 64 game.

He didn’t go into the finer details about it, so we wanted to dig deep and find out what exactly was going on with this weirdness. Hurray!

Dancing Monster (for the C64)

The Commodore 64 was launched in 1982 by Commodore International as a home computer and gaming thing.

So, yes, this was shortly before the video game industry was transformed forever by Nintendo and its NES console (plus Super Mario Bros. in 1985).

Before Nintendo, the idea of what games could be was a bit all over the place. With no set structure on a popular format, some developers just did whatever the hell they fancied.

Dancing Monster fits into that mindset rather neatly.

Launched in 1983, this thing was developed by Commodore Business Machines (UK) Ltd. It’s in the shooter genre, from a kind of first-person perspective.

There’s also some dancing in it. Well, okay, lots of dancing. By a monster.

Apparently, the games’s developers were Peter Dekany and Denes Baan. The genre is “miscellaneous”, which is pretty accurate.

What’s actually going on is a beautiful princess is turned into a monster and is ordered to dance for eternity.

As the player, it’s your job to disassemble the monster by firing at certain body parts. Behold!

Now, this game was probably intended as a bit of fun for kids. But it’s inadvertently a bit terrifying, to be honest.

From some of the YouTube comments we’ve seen, that appears to be the case. Some gamers have revealed Dancing Monsters freaked them out big time. Marvellous!

As a game, though, what’s obvious from the animation is everything is kind of jittery.

The monster moves about the place in a weird pattern, set to a background of diarrhoea brown and other colours.

The music is godawful. And the whole point of the experience is somewhat lost to us.

So, not exactly the type of game that’s gone down as an all-time classic. But Dancing Monsters is weird enough to make us gawp in wonder.

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