Order! The Very Best of John Bercow Shouting

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After our John Bercow saving Brexit post last week got a load of traffic, we’re stepping things up to document Mr. Speaker’s very best moments yelling his catchphrase. So, are you ready to place your…


Okay, so there is a genuine point to him yelling that constantly. It’s not just for the entertainment of the international community eager to take in us quirky Brits.

But since the whole Mr. Speaker yelling phenomenon has taken off, many now wonder what exactly is the point of his role.

In response, at the start of April (such is the international interest), Mr. Bercow decided to explain himself.

His role demands an impartial state of mind (despite being a Tory), so it’s essential he maintains a level head during proceedings.

Interestingly, we note Bercow across several clips often chastises MPs and then suggests they take up yoga.

He mentions Zen Buddhism a fair bit, too, and virtues such as patience and restraint.

But he’s not afraid to have a go at even the highest members of government. Warning: There’s quite a lot of former Prime Minister David Cameron in the below clip.

Cameron resigned in shame in 2016 and is generally considered England’s worst ever PM… although Theresa May is now doing her damn best to claim that title.

Not that Mr. Bercow is free from controversy, as on 10th April that bastion of shit journalism The Daily Mirror revealed Bercow made £750,000 selling three homes British taxpayers helped to pay for.

Allegedly, he claimed second home expenses on two houses in Buckingham. He also has a flat inside the House of Commons (like you do).

But he generally handles criticism well and, as you can see above, challenging those who question him.

He handles the role with good cheer and charm. Yet it’s a bit easier to be relaxed and upbeat in England if you’re not one of the 14+ million the Tories have plunged into poverty with crushing austerity measures (let’s not forget how much the Tory party has divebombed the nation into utter misery).

But Bercow still manages to come across as a reasonably decent chap… a likeable Tory? Oh, dear Lord!

Anyway, Mr. Bercow is set to retire this summer after a decade in the Speaker role. It seems many in Europe want to take his job.

Standing around yelling “Ordeehh!!” at a bunch of shambolic, corrupt, self-serving MPs? Well, Mr. Bercow receives a princely sum of £75,766 per annum for that. Should we apply?

Dance Number

Finally, if you want to have a bit of a rave this Friday night then we can recommend you down a few bottles of wine and shake your backside to the catchy hit single in waiting above.


  1. Where does he get his lovely disorderly ties?
    Whatever, I’m in LOVE!
    Where can I order a John Bercrow? What about the T-shit? I’ll take 15,000 to start.
    OMG! he’s married! RATS!
    £75,766 per annum? Is that all? He’s getting ripped off.
    I hope he gets a movie deal or recording contract…. that’s in order!
    I’m just another Bercow Groupie. Do you have any backstage passes, or invites to the “After Order Party”?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ties – I don’t know.
      Love – He’s married. But Brad Pit isn’t!
      Ordering John Bercow – Banned in England.

      £75k p/a – Yes, but most of thart covers costs such as wading to the Houses of Parliament amongst the plague ridden masses.

      “After Order Party” – Look, buy the bloody t-shirts and we’ll stash the profit and. Oh, and go from there etc.


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