Greed is Good: Wall Street Quote Off Extravaganza!

Wall Street with Gordon Gekko and "Greed is good"
Greeb? What’s that?

Gordon Gekko in Wall Street is a bellend. Most people can happily agree on that, but he does like his money so there’s that side of things as well.

The 1987 film features a powerhouse performance from Michael Douglas, whose Gekko is an ego crazy shouty person.

And he has quotes aplenty throughout the film. Many quotable quotes! But… what if the script had been a tad different?

Greed is good

The original in all its glory.

Greed is bad

Communism symbol

Just throwing that one out there. As it’s pertinent and all that! This is the communist take on Wall Street, of course, to keep the LEFTIES happy. Bastards.

Greedo is good

Greedo from Star Wars

Greedo isn’t so good in Star Wars. In fact, Han Solo shoots him dead. Oh well. Serves the alien git right.

Greed is Robin Hood

Gordon Gekko holding a cigar

There’s some sort of aphorism in there, or something. Or maybe it’s innuendo. Or something like that. Whatever, this is too clever for us this one.

Lou Reed is good

Communism symbol

Indeed he is! Check out The Velvet Underground & Nico. Great album! Great times. Heroin, too!

Going green is good

Gordon Gekko holding a cigar

Indeed it is, Gekko! Nice to have your progressive viewpoint on this. For once.

Green is good

Communism symbol

In some works of art green is essential, yes, such as in landscape paintings. If pink was used, for example, that would be bad.

Mr. Bean is good

Gordon Gekko holding a cigar

Indeed! Mr. Bean is excellent. Most of the time, anyway. Glad to see Gekko can laugh his butt off at something, anyway (other than at the misery of lazy poor people).

Tweed is good

Gordon Gekko holding a cigar

Is it? That’s highly debatable. We’d say it looks a bit weird, really. But then you do you. Whatever floats your boat.

Swede is good

Communism symbol

Yes! Swede is a magnificent root vegetable. It’s great mashed, as gnocchi, in a casserole, as a soup, and many other things.

Sweden is good

Gordon Gekko holding a cigar

Quite right! Sweden is excellent. It produced ABBA and is a really cool and liberal type of plus. Probably not great for greedy people, though.

Nosebleeds is good

Communism symbol

Asides from the terrible grammar there, no. No nosebleeds are not a positive experience. Unless you’re some sort of sadomasochist.

Stinkweed is good

Gordon Gekko holding a cigar

Also known as field penny-cress, we much prefer the name stinkweed. It really presses home the fetid nature of some vegetables. Isn’t that right, Gordon?

Greek is good

Communism symbol

Yes, we can concur with that. The country, language, and food are all rather splendid. Well done to you, Greece!

Rammstein is good

Gordon Gekko holding a cigar

Yeah, if that’s your type of music, Gekko. Not really our type of thing.

Charlie Sheen is good

Communism symbol

Yes, he provided a solid supporting role in Wall Street.

Greed is God

Gordon Gekko holding a cigar

That’s kind of entering a different universe of philosophical ramifications there, you sure you want to go into that debate, Gekko? You’re a lizard, after all, not a deity.

Green Eggs and Ham is good

Communism symbol

Yes! Green Eggs and Ham is a great book for children.

Greed is Goop

Gordon Gekko holding a cigar

Hah! Here’s a dig at Gwyneth Paltrow’s bizarre business and its absurdly overpriced goods. Edgy, eh?

And finally…

The Human Centipede is good

Communism symbol

Well, that’s subjective. Some would argue it isn’t very good at all. Others kind of liked the freaky nature of the film. It’s your opinion, man.


  1. Whenever I read the sentence Greed Is Good, I am reminded of the cheatcode I used in Warcraft III to destroy the CPUs with my infinite money. Good times!

    In the real world, I am a dirty leftist so I say greed is definitely bad! I also agree with the “Lou Reed Is Good” variation of the saying Be it solo or with the Velvets, the dude was just awesome; a bit of a jerk, sure, but a hell of an artist.

    Liked by 1 person

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