Golf Story: Gimmie! This Golfing RPG is Above the Hole

Golf Story the indie game

Golf Story by Sidebar Games is an unusual one! A sports RPG, eh? Golf is great fun to play, but we consider it the most boring sport on Earth to watch.

Yet this unusual RPG, styled like a SNES era type Secret of Mana deal, is an entertaining surprise. Innit.

Hit Balls And Stuff in Golf Story

Putted in 2017, this is actually a Nintendo Switch exclusive. And it was influenced by Mario Golf on the Game Boy.

The plot follows a amateur golfer who’s attempting to hit the big time, 20 years after his golfing ambitions fell through.

And so you enter a top-down RPG romp where you set out to prove your golfing skills, completing missions to increase yours stats and level up.

The more you level up, the better golfer you become.

All the golfing action is quite entertaining and decent fun to do. And the interactions in the RPG world are also good fun. It goes like this.

It’s good fun then and a nice call-back to RPGs from the ’90s era of 16 bit consoles.

And we’ve seen some reviews online absolutely gushing about the game and hailing it as the best thing ever.

We can’t say we were quite so enamoured with it. One of the big issues is you often have to complete putting tasks.

And that requires you to, repeatedly, hit golf balls into target areas. This gimmick is a bit overused and becomes an enormous drag at times. This is the main reason our enthusiasm for Golf Story started to wane.

This isn’t to say we hate the game. It’s good! Quite a short RPG, too, but one we feel largely masters its strengths and delivers a fun experience.

There’s some groovy music along the way, too. Have a listen!

It’s a novel idea and credit to Sidebar Games for doing something interesting with golf.

And if you fancy a fun little RPG where one central element is essentially a golfing sports game (albeit more like crazy golf), then this is well worth a look.

However, we do have to just flag up some of Golf Story’s mechanics aren’t quite as great as they could be.

Which is what left us feeling a bit frustrated a lot of the time, rather than beaming from ear to ear. Kudos for effort, though!

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