Huntdown: Enjoy Mayhem in Stylised ’80s Shooter

Huntdown the indie game-min
Hunt it!

If Metal Slug type platforming violence along the lines of Broforce is your thing, then this will also be your thing.

Huntdown is from Easy Trigger Games and is a comedy arcade action shooter. And you know what? It’s ruddy good fun.

Huntdown is Very Violent

Available on Steam and all consoles, this 2021 release is all about hunting down feral punks in a kind of The Terminator retro world.

It’s met with great reviews and rightly so, this one is a lot of fun.

If hyper-violent shooty boom boom games are your thing, that is. As it’s fast-paced and chaotic. As with Broforce, it plays on its ludicrousness tongue-in-cheek style.

There’s a basic plot there to get you into things, mainly about wiping about crime lords in seedy city suburbs.

Cue absurdly OTT run-and-gun type action. It’s kind of a love letter to Metal Slug and the Contra series, but with many modern gaming sensibilities. Have a gander!

Yeah, completely ridiculous then. It’s got a great aesthetic about it, very chunky sprites like with those classic arcade games of the ’90s.

And it plays very much like the Streets of Rage style jaunts of the past.

That was a huge genre back in the day. On the Mega Drive (Genesis) and Super Nintendo, every other game released seemed to be this type of romp. Especially on Sega’s console.

But that was AAA gaming then and, these days, we’ve got completely different types of popular games on a new set of consoles.

So the arrival of Huntdown is a strange feeling.

For retro gamers like us, it’s a blast from the past. One we were so familiar with as kids. And yet… it’s kind of a novelty these days!

The indie scene has certainly brought the genre back. And we have to say we think Huntdown has managed to deliver a super entertaining and action-packed romp.

There’s even a proper belting soundtrack to go with it, reminiscent of Robocop.

Huntdown may not be the most complex of games, but that’s kind of the point.

We mean, look at it. You get guns, you go mental, and there are many, many explosions.

Top notch entertainment! The only big downside is the asking price is pretty bloody high for a game you can complete in five hours.

Thankfully, we picked it up on sale off Steam. So maybe HUNT down that deal then, eh? Eh? Eh? You do that.

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