Contra: Classic Run-And-Gun Romp With Machismo

Contra on the NES

The Contra series isn’t one we played as kids, but it’s now one of those classics along the lines of Ninja Gaiden (1988).

Visiting it as adults, the main thing that struck us is just how bloody difficult the game is. Astonishing it could be presented to kids and expect them to deal with it!

But there we go. Another insanely difficult NES game that we just really want to have a rant about.

The Legend of Contra on the NES

One of Konami’s brilliant early titles, along with Castlevania (1986), this one put the Japanese developer on the map.

Especially thanks to the addition of a two-player option, really utilising an often unused aspect of the NES’ capabilities.

Two friends battling it out for victory? Happy childhood memories there.

But anyway, the whole point of the game is to run and blast your way to glory. In the process wiping out as many baddies as humanly possible.

The interesting thing with this NES romp is the use of different perspectives, shifting between 2D, pseudo-3D, and other styles. Very inventive for the time and a shift away from the many 2D platformers of the system.

But at its heart, this is just a fast-paced shooter. And a damn good one, too. Behold!

So, yes, Contra on the NES is one of those games you could complete in 15 minutes. If you have the capacity to do so.

Bear in mind the Huntdown review we did recently. And its advances on this concept.

The thing about Contra is it’s set in 2633 A.D.

Fair enough! And it leads to a base near to New Zealand doing the usual stuff that involves blowing up stuff.

The first game launched in 1987. Around about the time of numerous macho blockbusters, such as Predator.

The game is clearly influenced by the likes of Big Arnie blockbusters. And that kind of makes it all the more fun.

The thing about this NES title is its simplicity. Certainly based on modern sensibilities.

What was complex and difficult is now unusually difficult and peculiar. But a retro gaming delight all the same.

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