Hell is Other Demons: Death to Everything in Fun, Family Romp

Hell is Other Demons

Demons! Demons! Evil Dead 2!? Well, kind of. Just more run-and-gun stuff you may well like.

This action-platformer from Sweden’s indie team Cuddle Monster AB is a lot of crazy fun. Kind of bullet hell Broforce type stuff, but with a demonic kick.

Right, you get it. If you don’t like Hell this one isn’t for you.

Hell is Other Demons

Yeah, so the title is a nod to Jean-Paul Sartre. Writer of books like The Age of Reason, which is one of our favourites.

The whole “hell is other people” quote is often taken out of context, as Sartre didn’t mean it in the way we think it was, and isn’t, supposed to mean. And that makes a whole deal of sense.

But if you like demons then you should be OK with this one. It has those.

In Hell is Other Demons we have plenty of bloody carnage. More straight up action-platformer shooter sort of stuff. This. Behold!

We mean, if you know anything about indie games at this point you’ll know this is nothing new. But, at the same time, if you look at it and go, “Holy shizz, Batman, that’s epic!” Then you’re in for a grand time of it.

It’s that type of gaming experience. Kind of nothing special, and yet…

Hell is Other Demons may be a simplistic shooter. Something along the lines of Nongunz: Doppelganger Edition. But it’s a bit more fun and makes more sense.

These sorts of games, Roguelike in their structure, don’t make much sense.

But if it grabs you and draws you back in then you’ve got something of a winner going on. And this one, free as it is on Xbox Game Pass, did just that!

Oh man, it’s almost like indie games are supposed to be short, or something. Go on then. Shoo! Go and play something.

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