Disc Room: Carnage on Jupiter With Super Sharp Saws

Disc Room the indie game

Here’s another indie title from the creators of the excellent Minit, and Minit Fun Racer. But this beast is a different thing entirely.

It’s a futuristic roguelike game where death-by-disc is frequent. But the thing is addictive and a lot of fun, so we want to flag the SOB up! It launched in late 2002 and you can get it on Steam, GoG, Itch.io, and Switch!

Enter the Slaughterhouse of Disc Room

Disc Room is set on Jupiter in 2089. A giant disc has appeared in the gas giant’s orbit. And as a scientist, you head to the planet to explore the goings on.

What is going on? Well, loads and loads and loads and loads of rooms with killer discs buzzing about the place.

As the scientist, it’s your goal to avoid the discs and stay alive for as long as possible.

In classic roguelike fashion, death is inevitable. Each time you come back, you get some new skills and can keep progressing on towards working out the mystery! Here are the game’s devs explaining the action.

As with other games like this (think Bug Butcher and its arcade loop), Disc Room is addictive and great fun.

It’s a simple premise, sure, but one that delivers a lot of fast-paced, frenetic variety.

The game looks the part, with cartoon and bloody graphic style. You should see when your character gets sliced up… fun!

Referring back to that variety, the many short- sharp rooms do get broken up into many fancy ideas. So, it never gets repetitive.

And there’s a good soundtrack to go with Disc Room. It’s by American musician Doseone and has all sounds of noises going with it, although it can get a bit repetitive. There isn’t too much variation, but that’s pretty much down to the nature of the game.

Great fun, then! Disc Room is one for pick-up-and-play enthusiasts. It doesn’t waste time with endless cutscenes, you just dive in and start avoiding discs.

The developers really put a lot of effort in to ensure the experience continues to ramp up with new ideas. They need commending for that.

And we think it’s a great little indie game gem! Well worth your time.


      • Dead Cells and Hades are always in the back of my mind as games I should try, but then I remember they are rogue-likes and I can’t bring myself to buy them.

        I don’t discard the possibility that I will enjoy them. There’s a good chance of that happening, but I can never click on that “Buy” button!


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