Mighty Goose: Destroy All Before You (and Honk About it!)

Mighty Goose the indie game

Here’s a Metal Slug inspired, goose-based romp about blasting stuff to smithereens. As a goose! Oh yeah!

It’s like casual jerk Untitled Goose Game type romp, but with a goose. Plus, there’s a dedicated honking button. Does it get any better thank this!? Honk.

Because Everything Needs Destroying in Mighty Goose (Honk!)

There’s a lot of carnage in Mighty Goose. This SOB is a run ‘n gun type extravaganza, where you pelt about shooting everything in your path.

It’s available on pretty much everything, if it takes your fancy, having first launched in June of 2021. It’s from Japanese indie team Playism.

In the game, you star as Mighty Goose. The bird is a bounty hunter. And the task is to travel across the galaxy to defeat the evil bastard Void King.

Really, that’s just an excuse to roll out the guns and go mental. Behold!

Although your goose is pretty lumbering in pace, this is one fast-paced romp. You get machinery to manoeuvre around in, which causes things to hit berserk levels of carnage pretty quickly.

There are loads of enemies to wipe out. Enormous boss battles. Explosions. A kind of Mega Man SNES era pixel art sheen to things.

As the game certainly looks fabulous and has a great flow to things. Chunky! Big chunky old graphics—we like that.

There’s a basic story thrown in for good measure, which you can see play out in this extended bit of gameplay footage.

Now, we really enjoyed our time with Mighty Goose.

We thought it was good fun, quirky shooting entertainment with a lot of playful little homages to ’90s era gaming chucked in.

However, the critical reception wasn’t too brilliant. Mixed reviews, in general, with some critics finding the game too short (and it is a brief one—two hours of gameplay time, here).

Others found the action to be repetitive. And, well, that’s run-and-gun games for you. It’s one of the restrictions of the genre, really, but one of its main strengths. That pick-up-and-play quality that doesn’t overstay its welcome.

Whilst PROFESSIONAL critics  may have not recommend it, we’re happy to overlook Mighty Goose’s shortcomings in favour of seeing a daft, frenetic shooter that’s primarily a homage to ’90s era type shooty-boom-kaboom type games.

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