Georg Rockall-Schmidt: Proper Belting Social Commentary

Georg Rockall-Schmidt and his YouTube channel

Georg Rockall-Schmidt is a YouTuber, author, filmmaker, podcaster, and something of an adroit (if mildly cynical) social commentator.

We’ve followed his YouTube channel for many years now, but his increasingly ambitious topics are always intriguing. They often cover misguided social mores, film, business or political corruption, capitalism, and sociology.

His videos are bare bones, cut back, just him contemplating to the camera. All from the position of a very smart, but world-weary, dry wit. And we recommend you give his channel a follow! Full beans!!

Enter the World of Georg Rockall-Schmidt

Years ago, Rockall-Schmidt mainly used to focus on film. All told out with a dreaded sense of black humour. More recently he’s delved into the human condition and pressing modern day matters, such as wealth inequality and financial corruption.

The above video on wealth changing people, for example, we found brilliant in its delivery and so very, very truthful.

Of his videos, Georg Rockall-Schmidt has this to say on his site:

“In YouTube I saw an opportunity to have my voice heard, without having to talk about anyone else’s agenda and without having to do anything anyone else’s way. Really, I knew that writing novels (I sound so bourgeouise, oh, and there again, and all these brackets too…) was never going to get me anywhere, and Youtube offered a scope to talk about anything. I have a degree in production-assistantology, minoring in callsheetatronics, and have worked on small sets and as a corporate videographer, so video production wasn’t new to me.”

He’s English (as you may be able to tell from the noises emanating from his mouthpiece), but apparently now lives in America. Other than that, he doesn’t really provide any other information about himself (nor does he have to).

It’s actually pleasant to see someone online keeping a low profile, without feeling the need to have a relentless social media presence. One driven primarily by a yearning need for attention, fame, fortune, success etc.

That’s led us to notice a certain type of YouTuber who’ll wildly exaggerate their tone of voice and mannerisms in an attempt to appear entertaining.

Rockall-Schmidt distances himself as far as humanly possible from such trappings.

The result is (and are) a bunch of videos with a calm, detached, pervasive look into (usually) quite obscure topics. But he doesn’t hold back from his considerations on the likes of Elon Musk when he delves into more popular topics of the day (such as the planet’s wealthiest geezer).

Alongside such social commentary, Rockall-Schmidt is also a film critic. In the past he’s done indepth analysis of, for example, how the Predator films have changed over the years.

He’s covered the likes of One Hour Photo (2002) and Adaptation (2002), too! But we do also like his mini-reviews, such as with the haunting Grave of the Fireflies.

For us, he’s right up there with the likes of YouTube’s Answers With Joe. Highly entertaining, free from any bollocks, and his stance on refusing (and taking the piss out of) corporate sponsorship is gloriously refreshing. Hiptang!

The sponsorship thing is one so bloody many YouTubers embrace (as part of their livelihoods, admittedly, but it always seems to be NordVPN) heartily embrace. And the businesses laugh with shrill delight… oh, but you can just skip over the bit with the ad, of course.

Talking of his projects, Rockall-Schmidt sums up his approach like this:

“I’m trying to be an artist without being entirely pretentious or humourless.

I don’t care about making a load of money or a name for myself. If I’m honest, I don’t much care about what others think of me or what I do. I’m interested in creation, and the standards I hold myself to are my own. Sometimes I work quickly, sometimes I work slowly, but it’s always on something that I want to work on.”

And for that commitment to his expanding repertoire of social critique, commentary, analysis, and stuff… we doff our cap to you, sir.

Collaborator (Rockall-Schmidt’s debut 2022 film thing)

Okay, we’ve not had time to watch this yet. But Rockall-Schmidt had his first movie project Kickstarter funded and the film launched in late 2022.

You can watch all of it on YouTube! Which we will do at some point (and do a review, why not!?). But if you like his other videos and want to watch his brain portrayed via the medium of feature films… there it is. Above.

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