Answers With Joe: Curiosities, Science, & Humour (huzzah!)

Answers With Joe
Want answers? He’s your man.

One of our favourite YouTube channels belongs to the legendary Joe Scott, who’s an educator and entertainer all rolled into one.

His Answers With Joe channel typically looks into scientific concepts, technology, curiosities, history, dark topics, and mind-shifting concepts.

Despite the weighty and esoteric topics, his skills is taking complex stuff and making it all accessible and engaging. Which is all completed with self-deprecating humour. Nicely done!

Get Some!! (Answers With Joe)

Scott releases a new video every Monday and that’s, of course, free on YouTube. So follow his channel, dammit!

If you do, you’ll soon be presented with interesting (and sometimes gruesomely entertaining) topics such as his famous beheading video above (check out the book Severed if that’s your type of thing).

There are quite a few other channels like Scott’s with a presenter chatting to the screen, many of whom seem to have had a surface level tour of Wikipedia to get a base level understanding of a topic.

Scott is different. Yes. He is.

His research skills and knowledge are top notch, so he’s able to dive into topics with some real knowledge and flair. Plus, he genuinely finds very interesting and unique topics that the rest of the internet seems to have missed.

Scott has put us onto fascinating stuff such as meaningful coincidences and great books like Other Minds: The Octopus and the Evolution of Intelligent Life.

He’s also not afraid to tackle controversial topics.

For example, using his inimitable skill he challenged late-stage capitalism and its many, many, many glaring flaws a lot of people seem hellbent on ignoring.

The knack here is to present such information in a light-hearted, well-reasoned, and educational manner.

Scott isn’t preaching to you. He’s simply presenting the information he’s researched bias free, and in a manner the mass media often wouldn’t do, for you to then make a more informed decision.

A lot of the time this is also simply about providing an intriguing topic for you to then go off and research more about.

Alongside such didactic stuff, he provides regular comedy skits and takes the piss out of himself quite mercilessly. His humility is a big part of the charm.

As with LEMMiNO and JCS – Criminal Psychology, we’re flagging such channels up as they’re free viewing, high-quality, and will enhance your life in some way.

Answers With Joe is another fine example.

Scott’s videos are weighty but entertaining, balancing a sense of existential crisis alongside a need to giggle our way through it.

He’s a great educator and makes the complex easily accessible for everyone. And we think that’s a very impressive skill. So… WATCH HIS STUFF, DAMMIT!

You’re Going to Mars!

Our favourite video from Answers With Joe has to be the above. It’s about NASA hellbent desire to go to Mars.

Whilst many people will present reasonable arguments in favour of this mission, and it’ll probably happen eventually, Scott questions the need for any of it.

As you might expect in a video shredding the need to try something so outstandingly difficult, this one was pretty controversial.

But as with all of his videos, it makes you think. Should we really be going to Mars when there are so many problems down here on Earth?

Well, one way or another you can bet your last dollar Jeff Bezos will get us there. The power of bald rich men, ladies and gentlemen. Huzzah!


  1. Ah! I’m so happy to see someone else singing Joe’s praises. He’s one of my favorite YouTubers. The way he presents information is so engaging and fascinating, and the drums at the beginning are a necessary addition. I think he didn’t use them in one video and the entirety of YouTube lost its mind.

    Liked by 1 person

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