In Praise of South Park’s Butters!

Leopold “Butters” Scotch.

We’ve been watching a lot of South Park recently after a 7 year lay off and we’d forgotten how enjoyably surreal the whole thing is. What immediately came to our attention was the aceness that is Butters. For those of you who have never watched South Park, it’s about the lives of four young boys who live in a quiet town in America.


Despite this seemingly relaxed, normal setting they continuously get involved in thoroughly bizarre events and deal with it all with profane language. Despite the show’s best attempts to infuriate absolutely everybody the series has evolved into a much celebrated satire of modern life and the often illogical order of things.

Butters (Leopold “Butters” Scotch) is a peripheral character of sorts who often has a larger role in the four main character’s (Stan, Kyle, Kenny, Cartman) extended circle of friends. He’s an extremely optimistic, cheerful, loveable and naive lad who delights in amost everything despite often being slung headlong into chaotic situations.

He is regularly duped by the particularly profane and despotic Eric Cartman, and is often grounded by his parents for surreal or ridiculous reasons. Despite most events being out of his control he remains chipper and delights in the simple things in life. We think he’s a proper cool role model and everyone should look up to him! All hail Butters!

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