Exclusive Recipe: Sugar Soup!

Outline of a spoon and fork in sugar dusting
The sure-fire indication of a tasty bowl of sugar soup!

Mr. Wapojif has gone and done it again! Using his Olympic Swimming Pool sized brain he went and trapped his finger in the office door.

How the rest of the office laughed at him; that is, until, Mr. Wapojif threw a temper tantrum.

He ran around the car park with a crowbar smashing the concrete floor, before hurtling off into the distance screaming, “I’ve got it! I’ve got it!” Thusly he returned an hour later with a packet of sugar and a bowl.

And, remember, you can have a bowl of Russian brûlétte for dessert to round off a fine meal. Bon!

The Sugar Soup Recipe

After some experimentation he discovered that if he added a can of Coca Cola to the sugar in a bowl it makes a sort of soup like soupy soup.

We urge you all to try this stunning creation! The ingredients you will need are and is:

  • A bag of sugar (use all of it).
  • A bowl.
  • A can of coke.
  • You can add black pepper for additional seasoning.

Add a pinch or three of salt, too, to add a bit of oomph. Like gazpacho soup this is a dish best served cold. Innit.

Now you could just argue that this is, effectively, a bowl of sugar. You could also argue this compellingly if you so wished.

The point here is you’d be very wrong to suggest so. This is not a bowl of sugar.

This recipe is about soup; just look at the title of the blog post, stupid. Sugar Soup. There you go.

If anyone thinks this soup could be a bit on the unhealthy side we have a simple answer – shut it.

We all know sugar is really good for you (apart from causing chronic obesity etc. but, you know, nothing’s perfect).

Just limit your intake of the stuff to no more than a dozen bowls of Sugar Soup a day (£5 per can). Indeed.


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