Do You Have “LOL” Tourette’s Syndrome?

The “LOL Guy” image doing the rounds online. Note obvious lack of intelligence on his stupid face.

We’ve touched on the dreaded “lol” only a few times since our inception last year, but this doesn’t mean it is a much hated aspect of modern language brought about by mobile phones and the internet. And it is hated. Make no mistakes whatsoever! This acronym means Laugh Out Loud (LOL) and was probably a bit of harmless fun to begin with, yet it has since morphed into a deadly parasite which has lodged itself into people’s vernacular and refuses to let go. Now most people can barely go beyond a single sentence without a few “lol”s slipping out. Of course if it’s a really big laugh then it’s “LOL” – you can even throw in a few exclamation marks if you want. Behold, “LOL!!!!!” Now to display just how irritating this is we’ll construct two sentences, one without the acronym, and one requiring the demands of the acronym. Hold onto your butts:

1 – “Jeffrey was enjoying his day by the beach with his friends and they had many laughs and generally frolicked amongst the sand dunes with wild abandon. Such are the joys of youth set amidst the dreamy setting of oceanic restraints.”

2 – “LOL!!!!! Jeffrey were enjoying his day by the beach with his mates lol and they had many LOLS!!! and generally trashed the beach with litter LOL!!!!! It we’re a well good day LOL!!!!”

If your text messages, or writing, resembles anything along the lines of the SECOND sentence then you very likely have LOL Tourette’s Syndrome. It is a tragic condition brought about by stupidity and a pigheaded disregard for writing normal, intelligent English. The only way to seek help for this disease is to read a book – we recommend Age of Reason by Jean-Paul Sartre. GET TO IT, DAMMIT!

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