Oodles of Noodles #6: Jeremy Pang’s Pad Thai Noodle Kit

Jeremy Pang Pad Thai
Jezza knows his noodles.

As our Oodles of Noodles extravaganza draws to a close, we’re left to look back poignantly and reminisce about those noodles which have fallen for noodlekind. As the great haiku writer Masaoka Shiki once opined:

Green in the field
was pounded into
rice cake.

Jeremy Pang’s noodle kit is also green, so he must really dig those Shiki heavy haikus. Shiki believed wordplay was the wit of literature, you know, something which Professional Moron doesn’t agree with on any level at all. Anyway, as indicated by his surname, Jeremy pangs for noodles all the time. This must be why Jeremy Pang’s 15 Minute Pad Thai Noodle Kit was invented. Indeed.

Contents: ho fun noodles (so much fun!), dry spice mix, tamarind and lime sauce, and peanut garnish. There are, like, 5 sachets inside with a mixture of herbs, noodles, and sauces. We could have photographed that lot, but if you do buy this then we don’t want to spoil the fun of getting in there. We also couldn’t be bothered uploading another picture.

Creating the mix is, shall we say, fun! Although these are, king of, instant noodles… they’re not. We had to get our wok out (and we’re not being pervy with that statement) to make this majigger, so unlike the instant noodles we’ve covered this week one really determined the flavoursome outcome. I say! The result? Good!

Miscellaneous Notes

Jeremy recommends you add raw prawns, egg, beansprouts, garlic, and lime. This kit is for “you + 1” which, by our estimate, equals 3 people. Naturally you can add whatever the hell you want, Jeremy Pang’s not the boss of me! As a result we stuck a vat of lard in as well, but removed it once it began to stink out the kitchen.

Yeah, we had fun with this one! As cooking experiments go, go with noodles. Pang you very much, Jeremy!

Jeremy Pang’s 15 Minute Pad Thai Noodle Kit

Price: £1.99

Fun Factor: 8/10

Noodle Rating: 7/10

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