Oodles of Noodles #7, #8, & #9: The Instant Noodle King (Seafood Flavour) and Vit’s Noodles (x2)

Instant Noodle King
Bow down before your masters, it’s the Instant Noodle King!

Right, hold onto your butts as there’s a great big batch of noodles coming your way! Hold onto something (such as a instant noodle pot), breathe deeply, and here we go.

Starting things right off we have the Instant Noodle King: Pepper Seafood Soup Flavoured. Now they kind of got the name a bit messed up there, but never mind, eh? This one’s a tasty dude, although you don’t get the king prawns with it. Which is, you know, false advertising.

Miscellaneous Notes

You know as peppery noodle type instantaneous stuff goes, this is perfectly acceptable. We’ve spent 75p on worse things, such as

Instant Noodle King

Price: 75p

Noodle Rating: 6/10

Vit Chewy And Springy Noodles
It’s chewy AND springy, don’t you know?!

Next up it’s Vit’s Mi Goreng Pedas (which translates as “Super Massive Hot!”) – Chewy and Springy. This was is pretty damn spicy. Look at it – it has chillies on the front which is a guaranteed warning your mouth is going to melt.

It’s not as violent as the Shin Cup Noodle which kick started this whole noodle lunacy, but it’s there. Along with the noodles. Bonus!

Miscellaneous Notes

The most alarming thing here is the price – 35p. How in the name of everything can the noodles be this cheap? Does Vit’s want to go out of business? It seems impossible to make a profit at such a price, but then we’re not businessmen. No, we’re morons!

On another note, the noodles are neither springy or chewy. Well, all right, they are a bit chewy. All noodles are! Find us some noodles which aren’t chewy and we’ll find you a Justin Bieber song which doesn’t make you want to self-immolate your feet in utter fury.


Price: 35p

Noodle Rating: 5/10

Vit's Curry Noodles
Curry it up a notch!

Last but not geese it’s curry! How can you go wrong with curry, eh? EH?! Well I don’t think you can, and this time Vit’s came up trumps with a noodly curry type thing. It tastes like curry noodles, what else do you expect?

Miscellaneous Notes

For 35p you can’t really complain here. Even if the stuff’s laced with mercury and donkey droppings, when you’re paying such a low price for noodly fun you can not go and complain, no no!


Price: 35p

Noodle Rating: 6/10

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