Unusual Hobbies #1: Manchester Sinkhole Spotting!

Glorious Manchester has become something of a sinkhole haven over the last month. As we reported, with deft ridicule, in our Sinkhole Special on August 18th, a gargantuan 40ft hole appeared on one of the city’s major inroads.

Indeed, the legendary Mancunian Way has since become a tourist attraction with thousands flocking to see Manchester’s innards. Selfie taking, hanging around near the edge, walking the dog near it – you name it, it’s happened! Evidently jealous of this attention, though, other Manchester roads are getting in on the act, and we’ve had a sinkhole extravaganza this summer in the Northern capital of England!

Pictured above is the second one. It sprung up some 40ft away from the first one, indicating some rivalry in da hood there, yo. The first one was slightly more alarming as it looked like this:

The third one (pictured below) arrived this week over in Salford – a 16ft monstrosity which scared the bejeezus out of locals. The city’s loyal newspaper, the Manchester Evening News (MEN), has been all over the sinkholes like one of those outraged, late summer wasps. As a result, Mancunians have real-time updates on when the next terrifying hole in the ground appears. Behold:

One has to presume there is some kind of giant monster living under Manchester wreaking havoc on the roadways. Surely it’s those Graboid monsters from the entertainingly stupid Tremors film starring Fred Ward and Kevin Bacon in 1990?

Ah, Kev Bacon. There he goes now! Let’s hope he can take out those Graboids and save Manchester, eh? Afterwards he could do another phone commercial…

Kevin Bacon
Kevin Bacon.
NB: We had to include a picture otherwise our “Most Popular Posts” images would be made skewwhiff, as those embedded Tweets don’t count according to WordPress. Harumphhhh!

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