Social Media Exclusive: Panterest (it’s like Pinterest, but not)

As you can see, this Pug thinks Panterest is a quite genius invention!

You may have heard of Pinterest, the social media format which lets you browse over pictures of food, household decorating, and celebrity hunks without their shirts on. In essence, it’s a glorious little safe haven for women (and Pinterest’s audience is largely women) whom can go and bask in the glory of Johnny Depp and his angular facial hair.

This evening we want to take you on a journey, a journey where Pinterest isn’t the only visual medium based around home comforts of delightful wonder. A journey involving daily items without which one would live an insufferable existence, forced instead to stare out of a window, or perhaps even go for a walk.

Indeed, we’re rambling whimsically in a way which should induce feelings of nostalgia, awe, wonder, possibly contempt, and a staggering desire for a website based solely on underpants and pans. This is where Panterest steps in, our latest in a line of borderline unstable inventions.

Panterest would work pretty much exactly the same way as Pinterest, except there would be a colossal influx of underpants. You name it, it’d be there: speedos… well, that’s pretty much it, really. Luckily, if speedos aren’t your thing, then the pans would alleviate the, admittedly, tiresome nature of underpants.

Pans come in many shapes and sizes, such as slightly bigger ones than others, and of course who can forget the skillet? Why we reckon at least 30,000 images can be dedicated to a skillet’s handle alone! Users will be able to save their favourite pants and pans in special folders, and will be able to Tweet their favourite underpants pictures directly to celebrities such as Sir Ben Kinglsey, Christian Bale, the Queen of the United States of England, and Damon Hill.

Again, we’re kind of aware this idea may seem limited. As a result, there will also be a sub-section for dog fans called “Panting”, thusly rendering the social format applicable to a wider audience other than folk with moronic interests in underpants and pans. No offense.

Panterest will launch in Q1 2016. Beta testers beta be prepared to be left feeling demoralised.

Everyone else: It’ll be £100 ($200) per month. This may seem steep, but then so is Mount Everest.


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