Moonshake Books: Moscow Stations Reviewed Without Hiccups

Venedikt Yerofeev - Moscow Stations
What the heck is that?!

Gosh, we just love promoting ourselves here at Professional Moron. Truly, we have no shame! Thusly, to further the cause of our world domination and the fancy new blog of ours, we published our second ever post on Moonshake Books yesterday. Hurray!

This one reviews, in considerable detail, Moscow Stations. We covered it before in smaller form on this blog as part of our Book of da Week feature. We’ve had a detailed look at Venedikt Yerofeyev’s brilliant text, which takes the spirit of Gogol and adds in plenty of drunken hilarity for the reader to be amazed by. Glorious!

What You’ll Learn

From Moscow Stations, you’ll learn all about why you shouldn’t keep individual graphs chronicling your colleagues’ drinking patterns, the arbitrary nature of hiccuping, the world’s most dangerous cocktails, who Herzen is, and why this is a forgotten classic from the world of Russian literature.

Indeed, we’re trying to spread the good word about Yerofeyev, who died in 1990 as something of a failed writer. Pick up this brief text and you’ll be transported into a peculiar world of high intelligence drowned out by the thunderous over-reliance on brake fluid, perfume, beer, and vodka. It’s quite the marvel!

For the record, we’re not going to do this with every post on Moonshake Books (probably), we’re just drumming up extra interest since it just launched. What’s wrong with that? Look, in about half an hour there’s our second post of the day, so what’s the problem?

That’s two posts for you! We normally only do one. This is free, remember, you don’t have to pay us to read our work! Cripes, some people…

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