Nintendo Classic Mini: The NES is Back, Dude!

Nintendo Classic Mini
Look at it! You could just hug the thing!

On a day of horrendous news in terms of the future of the planet, at least there is good old escapism around to help numb our minds away from the pain.

Thusly, the Nintendo Classic Mini is here! It’s actually only released on the 11th November, but if you’re in the UK and ordered from Nintendo’s official site it turned up today. Hurrah!

What is it? We’ll it’s a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in minute form with 30 classic games pre-installed on it, plus fancy HD graphics for the modern era of TVs.

Yes, this is well and truly how to do retro gaming in the then and now.

Nintendo Classic Mini

Simply put, the NES’s very best games (there were around 1,000 on the system – a lot of them were atrocious) are here, arguably. You have the three Super Mario Bros. games, including the epic trilogy closer which remains one of the best games ever.

What else? Well, there’s the revolutionary Metroid, the very first the Legend of Zelda, the very first Final Fantasy, the very first Castlevania, and Ghosts N’ Goblins. The latter is one of the most difficult games in history, so brace yourself for that bad boy.

Not that NES gaming is easy. As we’ve discussed before, the games were artificially made “longer” by ramping up the difficulty to near impossible levels.

That’s made this era of gaming notorious for its infuriating gaming moments. But, hey, we got a super cute Super Mario toy with ours!


So, why go for this when there’s the PS4, Xbox One, and Wii U out there, plus the Nintendo Switch on the way?! Well, it’s £50 ($60) for this awesome little package!

Now, we’ve played it for a while and there are a few issues (you have to have a USB power socket – what? In the end we plugged it into our laptop to fire it up, weirdly enough), plus the controller isn’t wireless.

You can either buy an extension for the NES pad (recommended) or don’t bother.

If you don’t bother you’ll find yourself positioning the thing at weird angles to play it, but even then it’s worth it for the price and the brilliant selection of games you receive.

If you’re wondering, these games are classics – they may not have ultra fancy graphics, but at their core is an amazing gameplay experience which will leave you delighted. Game on!


    • It’s pretty awesome, I must admit, although the controller is an issue. It forces you to have to get up, move the NES mini to a close position, and then use the pad. It’s a horrifying first world problem of the first magnitude.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Conversely, I’ve been confused about why people can’t find any.

      I’m from England, which might have made a difference. As soon as Nintendo announced it, I pre-ordered it from its UK site. The thing even turned up four days before it was released!

      Once you can get your hands on one do, as it’s great fun.

      Liked by 1 person

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