Great Sayings Revisited: Don’t beat about the mush

Don't beat about the mush
None of this, please!

This is an odd saying – why would you ever want to beat anybody about the mush? It’s illegal and it’ll almost certainly warrant a police investigation which will result in you going to jail. Yes, beating people up is construed by society as “wrong” – bloody nanny state, PC libtard loony lefties!

Don’t get confused with the word “mush” – we’re not on about, like, mashed potato or anything. Although mashed potato is very nice as a foodstuff, it’s pretty much useless as a weapon. Unless your enemy has a mashed potato phobia, of course, then it’s pretty much golden, unlike this stupid bloody saying.

Don’t Beat About the Mush

Physical violence is everywhere these days. People are beating each other senseless at football matches, due to ideological beliefs, in video games, when watching films, and even trying to eat mashed potato involves bashing the crap out of poor defenceless potatoes. It’s a terrible state of affairs!

Morally, it’s not moral to go about punching people in the mush (face), which is where we presume this saying originated from – impatience. If you know anything about civilized society, you’ll know it’s considered bad form to just go: “Sod it, this person is annoying me, I’m going to physically assault them.” Indeed, this is abnormal behaviour, the type of thing you’d see in films such as…

This isn’t about two women battering the crap out of each other, though, it’s about a stupid saying which encourages you to don’t beat about the mush and be ultra-violent. We wish to discourage you from such heinous behaviour, so the best way to do so is to avoid this saying. Why? It’s incitement to riot!

Think of the great pacifist sayings out there, by which we don’t mean the Pacific Ocean or being specific; pacifists are people who realised violence would never work for them as they are too feeble and puny. Thankfully, due to progressivism, they’re now able to fit into society as to be prolific at living, one no longer needs to go on psychotic rampages.

Mushy Peas

On a final note, let us just say there is nothing more pacifistic than a giant plate of mushy peas. You don’t need to beat about the mush with that lot, you just dive on into (what looks like green bogeys) and enjoy the slop as if it’s the best thing ever. Which it usually is, consequently proving sometimes it is a good idea to beat about the mush.

Regardless, we’re not condoning violence today, we’re simply saying it’s an acceptable secondary hazard in the event of things, like, getting a bit pear shaped (like if a restaurant you go to doesn’t have mushy peas). So we guess there’s some truth in this SOB.

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