15 Popular Foods Ruined by Adding “Toilet Paper” to The Name

Toilet paper
Appetising, right?

Bog paper (also known as toilet paper) is, arguably, the great unused ingredient in the cooking world. This stuff serves its purpose in a way we all know – without it, society would likely crawl to a halt. It’s one of the most important products on the planet, but also one you’d never really openly discuss with friends or family: “Oh hi, Laura, my bestest friend in the world! How is your toilet paper?” – see?

Anyway, the above paragraph made us realise just quite why toilet paper isn’t used as a foodstuff – it’d be bloody gross. It didn’t stop us from putting together today’s post, though, which is dedicated to the notion of recipes being completely ruined by the use of toilet paper. Hurray.

Louisiana Style Toilet Paper

Toilet paper

Those Americans love their toilet paper so much that bit called Louisiana made a style of toilet paper to eat. We’ve never tasted it, not being American, so have no clue – presumably, it’s like fresh apples glazed in honey and with a dollop of wadding.

Roasted Garlic Toilet Paper

Cardboard toilet rolls

Add garlic to anything and you have a glorious time of it. Toilet paper has never tasted so garlicky. It’s worth the bad breath for the divine textures alone.

Toilet Paper Con Carne

Toilet paper

An international favourite, this spicy food has been made all the better thanks to the bog paper. Don’t ask us how. Some of it clogged our windpipe and we lost consciousness, but seem to remember a decent taste.

Shepherd’s Toilet Paper

Cardboard toilet rolls

Collected by hand from the fields of somewhere mystical and spectacular, this dish features only the finest toilet paper as used by shepherds. Yum yum.

Pommes de Terre a la Toilet Paper

Toilet paper

With its fancy French wording and ubiquitous bog paper, this dish will confuse any dinner party guest in an instant. Hurray!

Oven Roasted Toilet Paper

Cardboard toilet rolls

Toasted, crisp, and delicious! You’ve not tasted true wonders until you’ve bunged bog roll in the oven. Just don’t set the heat too high, or you’ll burn your home down.

 Pecan Toilet Paper Rolls

Toilet paper

Pecan can show you the way when it comes to toilet paper rolls. Pecans are added to the freshly made bog roll for a delicacy which is celebrated across the globe in many a putrid toilet.

Crispy Sweet Toilet Paper Cakes

Cardboard toilet rolls

They’re crispy. They’re sweet. They’re toilet paper cakes. Bake a batch up for your friends and revel in their disgusted reactions.

Salmon with Coconut Sauce and Toilet Paper

Toilet paper

Fish and toilet paper have been used as ingredients since antiquity, so what better way to make this traditional dish even better than with a bit of coconut? If the fish is off, you’ll also be able to use the bog roll for a mad dash to the restroom. Suave and sophisticated? You better you bet!

Toilet Paper Pizza

Cardboard toilet rolls

The most famous pizza of them all, pizza with toilet paper is the most ordered pizza in the history of ever. Just don’t ask anyone to add pineapple to the topping list. That’s just wrong.

Scrambled Toilet Paper

Toilet paper

Beat those toilet papers to a pulp and you end up with scrambled toilet paper. Hurray! Ready in minutes and bland as anything!

Instant Toilet Paper Noodles

Cardboard toilet rolls

Pour on that boiling water, leave to stand for a few minutes, and voila! You have a lovely pot of soggy, weird looking shredded toilet paper. What could be better!?

Toilet Paper & Chips

Toilet paper

That most popular English staple – toilet paper and chips – is consumed by beer guzzling football hooligans. It comes in handy if any of them are caught short in a standard riot, too.

Toilet Paper Pie

Cardboard toilet rolls

A pie with toilet paper in it? What could be more inspiring with that? You can enjoy this pie baked or stone cold, but for 50p more we’ll slap a load of custard and lard on it!

And finally…

Toilet Paper

Toilet paper

Sometimes it’s good to cut back and be minimalistic. Fresh toilet paper as a standalone dish is hearty, delicious, nutritious, and… jeez, who are we kidding? It’s disgusting! What a stupid post this was. We apologise. Yes, that’s apologise with an s, not a z, American readers. We’re English. Deal with it. Deal. With. It. The same goes to you Canadians!


  1. I saw on Masterchef: The Professionals last night that one of the almost-Master chefs cooked a rack of toilet paper with braised potatoes, compressed cabbage and a cauliflower puree. The Masterchef with the beard said that he deserved twelve Michelin stars for his inventively modern take on British cooking, and noted that it was the most delicious toilet paper he had ever tasted.

    I didn’t believe him. Nouvelle cuisine is an excuse to put a tiny amount of food that doesn’t taste very nice on your plate and then charge five hundred pounds for it, service extra. Throw toilet paper into the mix and you just have an absolute disaster. Give me a nice pie and chips any day, hold the toilet paper.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Frosted TP Squares, so much frost you’ll be unable to resist and so much breakfast fiber you’ll gag! Act now before the deals roll on by!

    OMG do people spell things differently? But, but… the U.S. is The World!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. I just can’t deal with this!! I’m devastated, as a Canadian. My heart is broken. There should be at least 1 recipe with maple syrup, or some sort of TP Poutine? I just can’t deal with it!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. While you are making toilet paper sound like a dish, I was just dishing out how much waste there is when it comes to TP consumption in my house and while it is nothing delicious about my picture, yours give me a new perspective when I see it in unflushed toilet! LOL

    Liked by 1 person

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