Environmental Films: Doing Their Bit For The Planet?

Environmental film buffs! I’ve advanced our Triple Pundit post from 2013 with some new insights. There have been a batch of landmark titles since then, such as Blackfish and Cowspiracy, but are these films doing any good? My ramblings. Check it out (if you want).

Barnes Film Festival Blog

Back in early 2012, I’d watched the Oscar-winning documentary The Cove (2009). As with many other people, it left an indelible impression on me, which made me look around for other documentaries that championed the green cause. Did they all have the capacity to potentially create global change, like the Louie Psihoyos directed, Ric O’Barry led stunner?

There’s been an explosion of environmental films since 2000, the most vociferously supported arguably being the landmark Blackfish (2013). Others have been overseen by Hollywood stars such as Leonardo DiCaprio, featured former President-elects, and many more have made their way to streaming behemoth Netflix. Emotive and powerful they may well be, but the question must be asked – are they making a difference?

Environnemental films

Since 2000, what have been the big hitters? After some research, and quite a bit of viewing, I’d suggest they’re in the following list:

  • An Inconvenient Truth…

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