Professional Moron is Ill


Hello. Professional Moron isn’t functioning this weekend as we’re all ill. Everyone from the esteemed editor, Mr. Wapojif (who has rabies and scurvy), right down to the malingering office, apprentice is ill. As far as we’re aware, bubonic plague is the cause. This is after everyone watched Forest Gump and got over the top about saying Bubba. Thusly, all film watching has been banned on pain of death by DVD lacerations!


Yeah, so do you mind? Normal service will resume when… it resumes. Predictions for that are unpredictable. Whoever said banality is banal, eh? It’s more a mashup of stupidty to meet expectations.

And now we’ve run out of ideas to include in this post. So we’re just going to sit here rambling about that and not really care about if you have an issue with it. Like, if we charge you $50 to read this? And demand you pay that by gun point?!

Yeah, whatever. Everything will be back to normal, when it is back to normal. Thanks for your general ability to sit around with some capacity to accept that we’re here.


  1. Get well rapidly, yeh brilliant talking cheese. The spontaneous, public laughter won’t extract itself from the laugh-glands! Not since the… Incident.

    A non-sequitur penny for your thoughts;

    Lightly Laying, Leigh Leeley Lies Lye-Leis Like Lady Leia, Lying.

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