Mike Matei & Super Mario Kart—F1 Tracks Hack Amusement

Super Mario Kart on the SNES

Right, yesterday we enjoyed watching Mike Matei of the Angry Video Game Nerd fame blasting his way through a modded hack of the SNES classic Super Mario Kart.

And it was amusing. Hurray! Although be warned, there is much casual profanity ahead.

Super Mario Kart—F1 Tracks

For the uninitiated, the above will probably look immature and moronic. But for gamers, the likes of speedrunning and streaming are enormously popular.

And Mike Matei’s efforts are always great fun to watch due to his passion for the medium, plus his knowledge.

He’s part of the Professional Moron generation of gamers, the ones who had the NES, SNES, Mega Drive, N64, and whatnot.

So by streaming regularly, that brings a sense of glorious nostalgia—as well as a chance to revisit classics from the era.

Super Mario Kart is an intense racing game and, once you’re into it, the thing is mighty challenging. The first one is from 1992 and we played it a heck of a lot.

And at some point, an individual “hacked” the old version to create a new version of the experience with F1 tracks.

Technically not legal, but the game is free to play online anyway if you want to hunt it down.

As big Formula One fans this was a real treat for us! Although Matei makes it clear he has no understanding of the sport in the slightest—when you have events such as the Ayrton Senna Cup and he’s saying, “What’s with these names?” Well, you know F1 isn’t his thing.

Here’s the whole thing, for anyone with a spare two hours. It’s an interesting mishmash of worlds—we can make out tracks such as Silverstone, Singapore, and Monaco.

Pretty good job here on merging Super Mario Kart with Formula One.

The closest we’ve got to that in real life is with this Seb Vettel Red Bull Soapbox derby thing.

Anyway, we were sceptical about watching people playing video games on the internet.

But since watching various folks, mainly Mike Matei, there’s something oddly therapeutic about it. Especially if it’s someone knowledgeable and fun playing games you love.

On Twitch, viewers can type messages to streamers to make it more of a social experience—we got Matei to respond to a bunch of our inanities, including getting him to put on an English accent. Huzzah!

We’ve also covered an almighty slog Matei had with Superman on the N64 before, so that’s something to keep in mind for tortuous viewing.

As what he excels at is putting himself through torture playing horrendously difficult games, all for the enjoyment of watching his anguished reactions. There’s modern heroism.

Super Baldy Kart

Another Super Mario Kart hack is this one: Super Baldy Kart. We’re not quite sure what’s going on here as there’s only one bald bloke in it.

Matei has a nightmare with this effort as the title is a confusing mess at times. But it’s also rather amusing to wade through it.

Another fun one are the bizarre physics in play on the remake of The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening.

We struggled with that bit as well, we’re not sure why that was such a weird issue for what’s otherwise a fantastic remake.

Anyway, we’ll leave it at that. If you want to experience all this yourself sign-up for free and Make Matei Live is there on Twitch. Indeed.


    • The F1 tracks one has me laughing like an idiot, I go with that. Matei did a stream last night and I eventually got him to try out that motion sickness inducing Mohawk and Headphone Jack SNES thing. Everyone hated it!

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