Breaking News: The UK Enters a New Era (of crap)

Brexit and the EU
We tooked our country back!
“Why did the UK elect that idiot again? It's like they revel in their own suffering and demand more.” Twitter user @Dooppy of Nova Scotia, Canada.

This is (probably) the last post we’ll use for any serious political considerations for a while. At least until the next national crisis… which will probably be a few weeks off.

Because after the Tories’ landslide majority, the one thing we bloody well need is to tune out from reality by embracing absurdity and silliness.

The whole reason we started Professional Moron back in 2012 was to escape from the often hellish post-recession mess in the UK.

In 2010, David Cameron started the Tory machine rolling by landing austerity on the nation. That was to clear the national debt. We’re still in austerity.

But he also created the Brexit crisis. And there’s a housing crisis that keeps getting worse.

Theresa May took over in 2016 and the calamities kept on rumbling, the Tories messing up almost everything in their path, forcing going on a quarter of the population into poverty, and shredding apart social structures with relentless budget cuts.

So this post is to lament what’s just happened to the UK. England, the bit we’re in, is about to face an almighty whack from extreme-right politics.

We’re about to have an inexorable slide towards even more mass inequality, all whilst the Tories prop up the rich with favourable tax breaks and whatever else they invent.

Progressive minds in America took note—superior rich people who’ve just worked harder than you didn’t.

Now, the inequality situation plays out whilst the old adage “if you’re poor, you should work harder” is bandied about by people still convinced poverty is due to people being lazy and/or stupid.

Well, the correlation between the Tories’ policies since 2010 and the present crises can’t be ignored.

And yet many of the people in poverty voted for the thing forcing them into it.

What’s also disturbing is the sheer number of citizens who didn’t bother voting on such a crucial general election—over 15 million people.

Great stuff! Well, the situation in Europe is complicated as we’re leaving the EU. It’s unclear what’s going to be involved with that process now.

It’s unlikely Brits will still be able to just move over to France, for example, without going through the complex migration process. And that’s a great shame.

But our sob story isn’t about our dimwit editor, Mr. Wapojif. Whilst Tory voters gloat openly about the victory, our concern is for:

  • The 14.3+ million people thrust into poverty since 2010.
  • Those wrapped up in the homelessness crisis.
  • How by 2022 over 40% of children will grow up in poverty.
  • How the disabled have been treated like inferior people and turfed into destitution and misery.
  • How we’re probably about to lose the NHS in the name of moneymaking capitalism.
  • Why the Tories don’t really give a toss about the environment.

Over 10 million people voted for Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour government on 12th December. More than in 2005 when the party won the election with Tony Blair.

The Tories blitzed that with 13.9 million. And that’s despite blatantly lying about everything (88% of the party’s ads were either misleading or false, compared to Labour’s 0%).

They achieved the biggest victory for the Tories since Thatcher in 1987.

Why? GE2019 was, essentially, a second Brexit referendum. The Tory’s “Get Brexit Done” stance won the day over Corbyn’s dithering on the matter.

But the role of the billionaire controlled right-wing tabloid press here also did its part.

Even with the promise of Labour’s sweeping reforms and massive push for equality, the UK voted to complete Brexit and “take our country back”. Yet few post-Brexit considerations paint a pretty picture.

And we have at least five more years of Boris Johnson and the Tories ahead—a 15 year Tory run.

The last decade has changed life in the UK forever—especially in England. The cost of living is now entirely different to pre-recession life, even though wages haven’t budged for the masses.

Anyway, we consider Professional Moron to be apt. More than ever before. England (not the UK, but the wee splodge of land in its centre) is getting incredibly good at embarrassing itself.

And we’ve got no choice now. We’re going to be here for the slog—because no one is more embarrassing or moronic than Professional Moron. Tories… know your place! That’s our corner. We’ll be pressing like crazy to outdo those pernicious, privately educated purveyors of inequality.

Starting… now! Get Brexit Done? Get Brexit Hit-And-Run more like!

Oh, and on a final note—bugger. Equality is just as dirty a word these days. And it seems like an impossibility under the glare of big business capitalism.


    • It’s a disaster, but one that’s reality and we now must deal with. Let’s see what Johnson does over the next six months. But post-Brexit a lot of people are about to get a lot poorer.

      Canada would be marvellous, but seems unlikely now. Unless I get an unexpected job offer. One can dream!


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