Spume Island: The Best Island in the World

Spume Island location

Forget Pitcairn Island, this is the place of dreams. There’s a lot of spume there, but that’s okay. Foam is harmless enough.

What is Spume Island?

Well, it’s an island (duh) out in that there Antarctica.

It’s not a comfy island. No. It’s a rocky island, which is around a mile and a half southwest of Bonaparte Point off Anvers Island. In Antarctica.

Are you going to pretend you don’t know the area well? Whatever. Read up on The Worst Journey in the World. That’ll help you out.

As we’re sure you’ll know, its primary latitude in degrees (not dunagrees), minutes, and seconds is: 64° 48′ 00″ S.

It’s called Spume Island due to the ocean whacking heavily into the rocks during the many storms in the region.

The result is an unholy amount of spume. Which is, of course, froth/foam. Normally that’s in minor evidence at lovely oceanic resorts.

But sometimes it’s a bloody horror show of the stuff. Nature isn’t always pretty.

Yeah, so it’s on the Palmer Archipelago. As you already know. And we’re sure it’s also now the number one tourist destination on your mind.

This place is so remote and obscure, we couldn’t really find any other information about it.

Unfortunately, not even Google Maps could provide us with details on how to get there. And there appear to be no hotels on Spume Island. Which is preposterous!

What is spume?

It’s a mixture of dissolved organic matter, algae, and inorganic matter. Plus, human pollution.

In other words, it’s a hellish mishmash of everything wrong with the world. And it looks like garbage, too.

However, was at least one tenth of the planet is covered in oceans, Spume Island isn’t going anywhere.

Perhaps in a 1,000 years locals will bow to it as their capital city.

But, for now, it’s a tiny outcrop at a location you’ve never thought about visiting before. Well, business ideas abound here. Indeed.


  1. Seems an interesting sort of place to visit (bring anti-seasickness pills). I have a vision of how it might have been found by cast-away Antarctic explorers:

    “I say, Shackleton, this island isn’t half bad after Antarctica.”
    “I should say so, old boy. More fried spume?”
    “Thanks, old chap, double helping for me.”
    “Right you are. Jolly good stuff this spume. We’ll be building box-girder bridges out of it next.”

    Or possibly this isn’t how it happened…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Shackleton was clearly SHACKLED by his lack of imagination. Sometimes the naming of impressive (or not so impressive) things is lacking. I’d like to name a highly dangerous asteroid “Bob” or some such. Or like with horrifying storms and some such. It’s always, “Storm Barbara”.

      Liked by 1 person

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