Hit Singles Ruined By Adding “Spume Island” Into the Title

Sea spume
There’s a hit single in that.

So, Spume Island is on our minds. Spume Island is always on our minds, right Elvis? Well, whatever. It may not appear like the catchiest hit single.

But it certainly sounds like one of the itchiest. Which is why we turned it into some smash hit tunes you probably half remember. Huzzah!

I Can’t Get Spume Island Out Of My Head


Kylie Minogue, being from Australia, obviously knew a thing or two about spume.

Stairway to Spume Island

A wave of spume

Led Zeppelin classic lusting after foamy beaches. Perverts.

(I Can’t Get No) Spume Island


Probably because it’s on an obscure, uninhabitable coast, Mick Jagger. Stick to London, you lanky git.

Can’t Get Used to Losing Spume Island

A wave of spume

Andy Williams, it’s not going anywhere. Don’t worry your pretty little head. It’s a rocky outcrop. Not even a nuclear warhead will budge it.

I Wanna Dance With Spume Island


Whitney Houston classic about… dancing with an island. What’s wrong with Greece, love? No offence to the eponymous island, but it’s not as nice as the Mediterranean.

From Me to Spume Island

A wave of spume

The Beatles on fine form with this hit single. Being method musicians, they went all the way out there to record the official video.

All You Need is Spume Island


In fact, The Beatles loved the place so much they went on to make this rallying call for the world. Free love, man.

Spume Island in the Night

A wave of spume

Frank Sinatra got involved after that, clearly influenced by the Fab Four.  The place is, indeed, beautiful at night. Because you don’t have to stare at all the bloody spume.

With Or Without Spume Island


U2 got proper emotional about this one. Don’t worry, Bono. We’ll always have Paris. Even though you’re Irish and the French own the place.

I Just Can’t Stop Loving Spume Island

A wave of spume

Well, Michael Jackson, it’s you and the rest of the world there.

Never Gonna Give Spume Island Up


Rick Astley says it as it is. His dance moves aside, he makes a solid point about the nature of this region of Antarctica.

Smells Like Spume Island

A wave of spume

Nirvana visited the location prior to this hit single. The band was so disturbed by the experience, it took up grunge (instead of more spume).

Nothing Compares 2 Spume Island


What about Greece, Sinéad O’Connor? Seriously. What’s wrong with Greece? Or Cyprus? Or Ireland? Or Barbados?

Everything I Do (I Do It For Spume Island)

A wave of spume

Great to know that, Bryan Adams. No other worthy causes to donate to? Okay…

And finally…

Will You Love Spume Island Tomorrow


Probably. So long as it’s not destroyed in a nuclear explosion, or something. We appreciate you’re just making sure, The Shirelles. But, all will be okay.


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